Maine & Loire

59 Washington Ave, Portland
(207) 805-1336

Recent Reviews

Mark Sayre

Great selection of wines, especially French wines. And the staff is also friendly and helpful. A great place to shop, whether you are a wine-o or a wine newbie.

Cellie Brown

Very welcoming and attentive staff.Thanks for the valuable advice, they were very helpful to us.The person we offered the wine to was delighted.

Jordan Holmes

Staff is very helpful, you can ask for just about anything and they will point you in the right direction! High quality wines at reasonable prices

Matt S

Amazing selection of wines you won't find anywhere, but more importantly a knowledgeable passionate staff willing to help. A can't miss while in Portland.

Jeffrey Savarino

Well priced, large selection. Staff was helpful and gave some good recommendations. I'll be back!

bryan graf

As someone who is not extremely well versed in the in the intricacies and terminologies of most wines, aka a, "layperson" in the field, I find this shop to be a diamond in the rough. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, funny and respectful to my limited vernacular in the field. I love Maine & Loire, they can recommend a variety of wines (their selection is inimitable) based on a couple of simple adjectives I can think of that I'm looking for in a wine that particular day, and I've never been disappointed. The staff is well versed and down to earth. I also enjoy the fact (this review is written during the pandemic) that they respect the health and well being of both the customer and their staff enough to not let anyone handle the bottles. I mean, what good does that do anyways? A bottle of wine isn't a magic 8 ball if you hold it before buying it. As a local resident I've been going here the past six years and cannot recommend them enough.

Andrew Colgan

Amazing shop. Staff has always been super friendly and knowledgeable. They have such a well thought out selection that was very fun to browse through, (even without touching). It’s great to see such an abundant natural wine selection and a family run shop be so creative with their Instagram throughout this whole pandemic. Can’t say enough good things and can’t wait to come back to try Pigeon!

Allyson Redhunt

I absolutely love M&L. The owners and employees are all amazing and kind and helpful. I have never been disappointed by a bottle they helped me choose. They are always willing to take a lengthy phone call while I describe the vague vibes I want a bottle to give me. I am a student so my budget is on the lower end and they always respect that and I wind up with great selections at a price point I am comfortable with. I also feel very safe in this store in terms of COVID--I appreciate the no touch policy and everyone takes care to keep distance.

Hanna Wiegers

I love Maine and Loire so much!!! Their selection is incredible, the knowledge of the shopkeepers is even more incredible. They will tell you great stories and descriptors about the wine that gives you a whole new perspective on drinking it. And, in these weird times, they're handling COVID so very well - you feel very safe inside and they're doing the best job they possible can! Can't wait for Pigeons to open.

Chrystina Gastelum

If you have this odd feeling like you just left your favorite record store when you walk out of Maine & Loire, you’re not alone. Go in with an idea, a feeling, or a sophisticated understanding of terroir and these cats have you covered. The staff are kind, knowledgeable and well treated. Plus, they’re leaders on health safety, which is important these days. Thanks for all you do, M&L crew!

Blaze Grohman

We have been enjoying Maine and Loire wines since they first opened six years ago and they will always be our favorite. They consistently have exemplary service, always willing to help you find what your'e looking for at any price point. Also we feel completely safe shopping there or doing curbside pick up which I cannot say about a lot of places. And they are extremely nice people that we are always happy to support!

Alexandra Rocci

Great wine shop in Portland. If you're looking for something for casual drinking or to pair with a meal they have something for you. The staff is very knowledgeable and has always been more than willing to help make the best possible selection based on what I'm looking for. COVID has made shopping a bit weird, however M&L has adapted well. It's almost a good thing to have to ask someone for help - we are all lacking adequate social situations right now! So check them out and don't hesitate to talk to the team and see what's cool, what will pair with your meal, or what's the best to just get you through the winter!!!

Josh Turka

This place is fantastic. Their wine selection cannot be beat, always a plethora of old favorites and new producers to try. Staff is welcoming and friendly, and I don't need to bother with touching the bottles because I've never had a bad recommendation from them! The absolute best place to buy wine in Portland.

Jake Cryan

The best wine shop in Portland! Incredible selection of natural wines with an extremely helpful staff. If you're not sure what you want, they will certainly help you figure it out! Always love what I pick up from them.

Amanda Snow

A gem , with easy curbside pickup to boot!

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