Sichuan Kitchen

612 Congress St, Portland
(207) 536-7226

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Attentive service, hearty Asian food. My kids (who grew up in China) said Dad, now we know a good Chinese place! ‘Nuf said.

Yecca Zeng

a wonderful meal, full of flavorful, spot-on authentic and satisfying dishes. so happy we found this spot!

David Vincent

Great service and AUTHENTIC Chinese food !


We ate here for lunch today and the food is flavorful, filling and delicious! We ordered the tian shui noodles, fried rice and maple tofu. I love the fact that there are vegetarian and vegan options. Highly recommend

Jenneffer Pulapaka

Loved the home made noodles, just hold the extra side of oil --- a bit too unhealthy, but tasty ?

Kevin Cole

if you're in portland, you really got to check sichuan kitchen out. one of my go-tos'!

Karen Tharp

Great service, great food.

Peter Coleman

world-changing mapo tofu. cucumber salad contains only cucumbers and a house-made dressing but somehow provides more depth of flavor than any salad should. Amazing food.

Andrea A.

PHENOMENAL food. We came at a weird time (Portland just reopening, they only had 2 tiny outdoor cafe tables and hadn't gotten the beer/liquor sorted out) but hoooooooly mackerel the food. I could swim in the garlicky eggplant sauce, and the hot beef was to die for. Szechuan peppercorn has this flowery quality that can be overwhelming (*cough* the one time I made mapo tofu at home) but the flavors of our dinner were perfectly balanced and unlike anything else Portland has to offer.

Aaron Topol

Dining room not open yet, but had take out at the outside tables. Food was fantastic and the service was great. Helped us pick the dishes they thought would fit our party best. Would highly recommend. Get the cabbage, soup dumplings, mapo tufo, and cucumbers - all great.

John Harder

Oh my god. I'm definitely eating here again. The gong bao chicken was good (very piquant, huge portion, like at least 12oz of meat huge) but the zhong dumplings were outstanding. Completely stole the show. They look exactly as advertised and they're perfectly 麻辣!Ordered thru Grubhub so wasn't aware of how large the portion sizes were... be advised the dumplings and rice are really a meal in themselves, if you get those and an entree you better be prepared to share with two friends minimum.

Maggie T.

If you don't open indoor dining you should post a sign outside. We waited for you to open for an hour and was turned away.

Jacob Lotstein

I was really excited to come here as I love Szechuan cooking and am always on the hunt in particular for some dan dan mien (which to my non-educated self is basically noodles with a spicy and slightly sweet chili sauce with minced fried pork) and dumplings in hot chili oil (which also have this sweet brown paste with the chili oil). These dishes are basically the only standard I have for Szechuan cooking. The dumplings were fantastic but the noodles weren't my personal favorite but still really good. My group shared a few other dishes slabs honestly everything was very good, we all agreed we'd definitely come back.

Bennet Watson

Best in Portland - phenomenal flavor in every dish, vegan options galore, my favorite restaurant in the league.

David A.

Had heard great things about Sichuan Kitchen, and tried for the first time on Sunday. The ordering experience was very professional and not too many options which I was impressed with. We are a party of four ordering takeout with different tolerance for spice, so I was a little concerned that we would not please all of our palettes. We ordered the vegan buns which were awesome for an app. Especially dipped with the Sichuan hot sauce. Also had the cucumber salad which was awesome crispy and not too sweet or spicy; awesome balance with the salt. All the other items were amazing and we had am incredible take out dining experience. Thank you so much Sichuan Kitchen . We will be back !

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