305 N Stadium Blvd, Columbia
(573) 445-6627

Recent Reviews

Deianeira Burgess

Always poppin, so there's a bit of a wait. But the staff is friendly & super efficient so it's definitely worth it.

Mark Evans

Food is always good. I got there at about 3 minutes to 10 PM and was able to get in and out of the drive through quickly. Order takers were friendly and patient in spite of the late hour.


I could fully feel the kindness and consideration of the staff. The drive-through waiting line is always long, but the food here is enough to compensate for waiting. It's a really delicious place.

Rodney Stoverink

Its Chick-Fil-A. The food was awesome as expected. Service was quicker than you'd expect for being busy.

Joseph Siciliani

This was my first visit to a Chick-fil-A and it was decent, but it doesn't stand out against the other fast food places that serve chicken sandwiches. As far as I'm concerned, fast food chicken sandwiches all taste about the same. The waffle fries were a nice change, but I prefer McDonald's french fries any day. The prices were fair, the restaurant was clean and the staff were very friendly. I really enjoyed dining in. I'll probably return again when I'm feeling the urge for a chicken sandwich.

willie hicks

Good food the only negative thing was the entire time I was ordering the employee kept repeating anything else as I tried to order. A couple times we spoke at the same time and I had to repeat myself. It felt like he was more worried about talking then listening. Hopefully his listening skills will improve with age.

Ryan Mast

Took my order away from a menue board... never been here no clue what I want... waited 10 min just to be parked for another 15 min in there curbside order spot. Yes they where friendly but come on. Does it take 25 min to cook a chicken sandwich.

Joshua Anders

Tasty as always. Love that spicy chicken and bbq for the fries.

LaShe WestCoast

Always poppin, but don’t let that busy drive-thru line fool you! Their drive thru always has the fastest 2 lanes with employees ready to take your order on their iPads before you will even see a menu board. Don’t know their menu, they’ll answer any questions you have and show you a menu as well. Their original chicken sandwich is the best for lunch and their chicken littles for breakfast are on point?

Cynthia Draper

nationwide, the best service delivery. they are always busy and efficient. I have been to other locations where the staff was more enthusiastic courteous, but I've got no complaints about this location. they always make my fries extra crispy, like I ask.

Laura Blair

Stopped in at the height of the lunch rush and decided to go inside rather than sit in the drive-thru line. The inside line was also quite long, but was quick moving and efficient as is the way of Chick-fil-A that I’ve come to expect. The order was filled quickly and we ate inside. At full capacity, dining room staff were quickly cleaning tables for the next guests. Bathroom was clean. The mouthwash dispenser was a nice touch.

Bob Medley

It's Chick-fil-A, you know you're getting! A good-tasting quick meal.One thing I can say about Chick-fil-A is that they've mastered the art of quick service in the age of COVID.

Susan .Struble

Love this fast food place! Too bad there are so few in the PNW! The frosted lemonade us amazing and the grilled chicken is so incredibly moist and juicy.

Karen Doolin

Well everything was perfectly chick filet worthy except I love their sauce and struggle with nice ways to ask for a lot. Today I said, "umm, I need a lot... like not enough that you'll get fired a lot, but A WHILE BUNCH A LOT!"We ordered 3 meals and got six sauces.. two per meal just isn't a lot, and I didn't check until we drove away. I can't enjoy my meal fully on two sauces... and by just typing this it makes me sound petty, but the sauce is good.Every other part of our trip is 5 star worthy.

Demesha Mondaine

I placed a large order came up to be like 57 dollars or so. I handed the lady my blue debit card and she told me she told me they don’t accept food stamps. I’ve never felt some provoked in my life. I ensured her it was a visa and she just laughed it off. If I where white would the same assumption be made?

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