China Garden

3420 Clark Ln, Columbia
(573) 814-0007

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Jean Belding

Delicious food. Impeccably clean. Attentive and friendly service. Easy access from Hwy 70.This is our new favorite stop for our frequent trips from St. Louis to Kansas City. My boys (9 & 11) especially enjoyed seeing the Koi pond!

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Its a very good buffet that is always clean and we'll stocked. I've been going here for a while and have enjoyed it every time.

Kaci Richards

Food was old and cold. 13.29 was too much per person for the food to be gross. The manger is rude and always have to nerve to stare at people and turn around speak Chinese and they both start laughing my family will not be going back

Bobbi Jo

All the food was hot and fresh. Our waitress was very nice and always popping by to make sure we had what we needed, drinks etc.

Chris Hickie

Passing through town and stopped by this chinese buffet on a Monday for an early dinner. Pretty tasty, all the usual suspects. Sushi was meh but had low expectations. Rice and noodles were executed well and actually had flavor. Egg drop soup was on point. Excellent service, very attentive. Salt and pepper frog legs were legit.

Tim Johnson

I have eaten here probably 20 times. (I have friends that like it) The food is mediocre standard Chinese buffet food. Hibachi is bland. The sushi I wouldn't touch, much less eat.The service is awful. There is one friendly waitress if you are lucky enough to get her. The rest are inattentive at best. The lady at the register (owner maybe?) is flat out rude. Never in my twenty visits has she smiled or said thank you.The price has reached ridiculous levels. 2 buffets with drinks and tip will set you back $40+. You can eat at some of the best places in town for that.I gave 1 star for the mediocre food and 1 star for the friendly waitress if you are lucky enough to be seated in her section.Do not recommend.

Kyle Spade

Mongolian beef was really good. Lot of veggies, tender beef, good flavor.

Bouncing With The BLODGETTS

Great food and service. The waitress did a photo shoot for us, she was very friendly.

Erma E K Monie

OMG! I have not been here in a really long time. It just was mediocre the last time I went. Today is my autistic Grandson's 21 birthday and he got to choice where we went. China Gardens was his choice, he loves buffets. So our server was super great! Place was clean. The food was awesome. I have had a vertical sleeve, the food was so well presented I took way to much, I truly wanted to eat it all. They even had the steamed shrimp back on the cold/salad bar. You know, the ones you have to peel! They are my favorite shrimp. Everyone was polite and smiling. We felt very welcome. Now I am going to tell people how good it is

Diane Thompson

Food was great in both taste and temperature. Waiter was very attentive and kept my drink full.

Taylor Bosworth

Not the best buffet by far -- I knew I was in danger as soon as I saw the "do not waste food" signs everywhere. Personally, I don't think people were wasting food by being gluttonous; it was because it was genuinely bad.The sushi and sashimi looked questionable to say the least. The "fresh" strawberries on the buffet were definitely from the discount aisle because they were rotting. Most of the food was ok, but obviously cheap food. I did have some chicken that felt like it had plastic flakes in the fried part.The worst part was getting the bill. It was $32 for two people ($15.99 ea.). A little steep when the food was gross. I got super sick after I left. My partner has deemed it the worst buffet he's ever had. I would probably second that.Just do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. There are much better Asian/Chinese restaurants in the CoMo area that you can do for the same price.The only reason they got two stars and not one was because the staff was so friendly and polite, but they were obviously rushed because of how many tables they had to serve at once.

Kael Vercorian

Nice variety and good flavor. Reasonable price for what's there.

Sara Harrison

Amazing service! Food tasted great! Made my lil girls day!

Ernesto Sanchez

fresh food good service & friendly people good priced!...

donald fingar

Where to start I have lived in Korea and visited Japan and china and this is my favorite Chinese buffet. The food is spot on sushi is fresh and incredible, but what makes this place my favorite is the staff. I come in and I'm greatest warmly they talk to my kido like she's welcome unlike a lot of places around. If I had to say I have a favorite server it be a very close race they are all amazing but "Sunny" would win for sure. If your lucky to get seated in her area you will have a great time.

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