Pizza Ranch

4660 S Bass Pro Dr, Independence
(816) 478-1100

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Great chicken! They'll make a particular pizza for the buffet if you ask. Usually busy but staff does a good job keeping up. Veteran and senior discount is nice. Online order and drive thru window pick up is a great option. Plus they offer delivery. Try the mac and cheese pizza for sure and the fried chicken breast.

Frank Coffey

Customer service at this location is excellent, the employees there are wonderful. That being said I went to the breakfast buffet today and we were the only ones there. That didn't discourage us from trying it out. To be honest the breakfast wasn't good. The eggs were very tiny, like you couldn't stab one piece with a fork, you have to use a spoon, not big chunks like you would normally like. Bacon was rubbery and very cheap, sausage pretty much the same. The gravy was pretty bland and I couldn't even tell there was sausage pieces in it when I ate it. You should definitely throw big chunks of sausages in the gravy to make it taste better. I could not find any butter anywhere for the waffles and they were pretty hard. The French toast sticks didn't even taste like they were edible. Even the coffee was pretty bad. Overall it was the worst breakfast experience I probably ever had in my life it was even worse than a cheap hotel breakfast. Luckily I had good company there. Don't get me wrong the employees kept checking on us but we didn't want to break their hearts about how horrible their food was. The reason I am giving it four Starz is because I do believe in their lunch and dinner buffet, although they could use some help on their pizza recipe the chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy is very good.

Linda McCarty

Great place for a group. Their fried chicken and salad bar very good. Don't know about the pizza!

Justin Ellis

First of all, I've got to say that no matter what else I say in this review, my hat goes off to every employee working at the 40 highway Pizza Ranch location. It was insanely busy, with at least one party of 30 and I'm pretty sure that there was another party, as well.It was kind of hellacious, to be frank. Some of the customers, in my opinion, we're quite rude to the staff. One customer was berating one of the servers who was clearly on more of the front of house end of things. This poor lady was running between the back and the register, the buffet, they probably even had her on bathroom duty. Through all of that, this lady maintained her composure, she kept a positive and professional tone even despite the onslaught. I've never seen so many kids in a single setting, aside from school. There was just a total lack of consideration or care in the world on behalf of some of the customers.Now for the food, this is where I have to take off a star, but let it be known that it is not a reflection of the staff or anything like that, I think we just picked an insane time to go. But anyway, so some of the kids had their hands in all kinds of the food, the salad bar lettuce was a little wilted and sad, and the fried chicken, while deliciously seasoned, was quite dry.Everything else, however, was quite good. Their thin crust pizza might have converted me to thin crust altogether. Really enjoyed the crispy bits of cheese around the crust, the cheese pizza tasted like a grilled cheese sandwich, it was very reminiscent of a Godfathers pizza crust, in a way.


Very good! Service is good, get custom pizzas down quickly. The pizza is good. But that is not the only thing they have, they have a salad bar, mashed potatoes, chicken, pudding, soft serve ice cream and more!

Night Frost

Custard ice cream is here! I just wish they always had the marinara sauce up there and buffalo sauce. They also at times don't know.the difference between marinara and pasta sauce

JD Roberts

Always had good experiences here. Hard to decide between the pizzas and chicken. Have some good specialty pizzas. Enjoy their salad bar too, much better and more variety than Golden Corral's salad. Good, attentive servers.Sometimes are slow at restocking pizzas, especially the desert pizzas. Have seen people take the entire cookie pizza at once.If they are having like a birthday party or sports team party there it can get hectic and definitely have issues keeping up.

Tyler Keenan

The place was filthy and food was everywhere on the floor it was hard to find a clean table the high chairs don't ever get cleaned. Watched a cook repeatedly use dirty utensils for fresh food. Over priced for the quality. Place made my wife and daughter sick. I would avoid it better of going to a pizza hut

K Mac

Food was fresh and the staff did their best to try and keep it clean and food fresh. Love the chicken I believe the shirts it is the GOAT for buffet restaurants

James Deckard

Food was great! The dough was just right. Ate to much lol.

Amber Ambrusko

The man at the register was extremely rude. I had stated I had never been here before and was with a baseball party. The man stated what's his age (referring to my son). I again repeated I had never been here and don't know how this works. The man again stated very rudely what's his age (referring to my son). I asked for a manager because of how rude he was and he stated he was the manager. I asked for the number for the general manager and the man stated do what you have to do. The younge blond woman after I paid the rude man was amazingly sweet.

Nick Mick

we have eaten at other pizza ranches , so my expectations are low to begin with (lots of little kids running around make it hard to keep clean i understand).but we ate here after going to bass pro yesterday and it was just plain disgusting . first every glass and plate we picked up was either sticky ,or had food particles still on them .next when we first arrived i witnessed a elderly woman slip in some beats that had spilled by the salad bar , this happened in front of a employee (thank goodness the woman dint fall ) and the woman said something about it to the employee (the employee acknowledged her complaint) , throughout our visit (over 45 min) the spill was still on the floor ,during my visits to get food i also heard at least 2 others voice their concern to employees (including the employee already informed of the spill) . when we left the spill was still on the floor and the entire time i watched 3 girl employees standing at the front desk laughing and showing each other things on their phones (they were def not to busy to clean up the spill). the final nail was on our way out me and my son visited the bathrooms ,the bathroom was filthy ,toilet paper all over the floor ,the floors had large puddles of fluid everywhere (hopefully it was water ,but doubtful going by the smell) ,and the sink tops were also covered in fluid . we def wont be coming back to this location

Ryan P.

Pizza was cold and disappointing. I've had better pizza from a lunchables box. The cheese and sauce didn't exist and the "crust" tasted like cardboard. To give the pizza a ZERO would be a generous score. God bless you all that live in MO. - Ryan from Boston.

James Freeman

It's cheap pizza and a salad bar. Place is clean, friendly, willing to accept dine in. It would be a 4, but cheap chain pizza just can't get there.

Jo Campbell

They have some of the best fried chicken you will ever have.

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