Fred & Red's

1719 S Main St, Joplin
(417) 781-5341

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Cindy Cope

We enjoyed the food. The Frito pie was kinda small tho. The wait staff is nice but they seem overwhelmed. But collectively great.

robbie jordan

Me and my son stopped for lunch 1st time I've been there in 20 years and it's still amazing amazing people amazing food highly recommend

Kadence L.

Wonderful food! My family has been going here for 25+ years, and the delicious food keeps us coming back! If it's the spaghetti, the cheeseburgers, or only the fries, it's made with love and made wonderfully. The taste is like no other. 10/10 I have recommended to multiple family members and friends. Will be coming back.

Ashley Parker

I called in an order tonight and did so previously before. Both times, the staff member on the phone was super polite and made sure our order was 100 percent correct. I go pick it up in the drive thru and they're always so polite and pretty quick at getting your order to you. My 6 year old LOVED the tamales!! My 12 year old LOVED the chili cheese fries! It's great food with EXCEPTIONAL staff members that make you feel welcome when you enter and also leave so you'll come back for more. I would 10/10 recommend!

Tam Rob

LOVE the food and service!! But the seating sucks. Stools are way to close to the table and do not move. Very uncomfortable, unless you're a tiny person. But will definitely go back.

Gregory Thompson

As good as I remember from my childhood.

Jason Towler

I decided to check this place out tonight and I was greeted by friendly staff... I ordered the Double Chili Cheeseburger with a side French Fried Potatoes... this food is amazingly delicious.. the order is accurate, hot and fresh... I highly recommend that if you are in the area check this place out... This is definitely gonna make me come back for more

Ebby Green

This place is amazing. I've never had spaghetti red as good as this. My boyfriend got a burger and he loved it as well. The staff is very friendly and the environment is nice as well. We are already excited for our next visit!

Scott caldwell

Exceptionally friendly service and great food. There are too few of these great hometown places left in this cookie cutter world.

Marvin Combs III%

Good good. Good service. Always been that way. Hope it always stays that way.

Chandra H.

Fred & Red's is a MUST for at least five generations of our family. The food is always good, but the experience is priceless!!!

Baby Girl

This is our first time here and I'm sorry to say our last. They might be famous for their chili but it wasn't famous with us. It was very oily and the oil dominated the chili. Maybe its because I'm from the east coast but there was no heat that I could taste. That being said I loved the fries and when I got to my burger under the chili it too was good but nothing to write home about. But no lettuce or tomatoes at all!!! The staff was EXCELLENT!!! it's definitely a team effort there and they all have a great attitude. But the food left me disappointed and I don't see me coming back ? i love mom and pop businesses but I'm going to leave this place for the locals

Phil Petre

Why is this place not ranking on Google as one of those places you must try before you die?? I travel all over the country and am always looking for those unique places that just crank out mounds of good food that is to die for! (I am an avid foodie/ traveler. I always ask and search online for these special places that are often the Mom & Pop / family owned type joints.)Today I found one of those places... Fred & Reds! Nothing fancy, but full of good, salt of the earth people and mounds of good food like your mama or granny makes!I had the jumbo tamale spread with beans and onion & pickles and a Dr Pepper! Be warned. The jumbo is huge (I was very hungry)!You owe it to yourself to make it a point to visit this place at least once in your life.... You will be hooked for life!! You have been warned!!!

Scott Evans

I asked around as to what places I should check out as I was traveling past Joplin and Fred & Red’s made the list of about must stop and try place’s. I wasn’t disappointed at all. The food was excellent. There is something about simple dishes that add to the wow factor. This should be on everyone’s list of places to check out before they die. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw strawberry rhubarb pie. It’s been about 20+ years since I have had what I would call good rhubarb pie. Don’t pass this place up.

Chad Debie Merten Smith

Great old fashion counter dining, friendly staff great food!! Yes

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