Double Front Cafe & Bar

122 W Alder St, Missoula
(406) 543-6264

Recent Reviews

Michael Barnes

Fried chicken and fish and chips were delicious. Simple, freshly cooked and quality. And the corn nuggets were incrediible!!


We went for lunch. We gave our order, 1 dark chicken lunch, 1 white chicken lunch , one with french fried and one with onion rings plus cole slaw. The chicken was very moist & tasted good. The cole slaw had the dressing on top (too much) of the slaw and we had to mix it ourselves. Onion rings were plain not beer batter, french fries had some kind of coating. And it takes 30 minutes to get your meal.

Leah Klemp

Double Front does not disappoint. Lunch was awesome. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

Darnell Kebo

6/22/21: Popped in for a quick bite. Ordered the half dark meat with cole slaw. Cole slaw was standard packaged slaw with poppy seed dressing however the chicken was really good. Cooked to order. The breading is light and crunchy. Meat very tender and juicy. Fries were also crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

AJ Koenes

Some of the best fried chicken in the state!

Kathleen Yonekura

I came from Portland in August and love fried chicken. I feel like I’ve had enough to be a fairly good judge of it. This place is usually pretty delicious. Maybe once the fries seemed old but that was it. I get the dark meat meal and it’s juicy, flavorful, and nicely crispy. Some of their fried side apps weren’t that impressive but the chicken is great!

Penelope Nicoll

We heard this was the place for fried chicken and got dinners to go. Excellent! 4 stars because I don't know about dining in, but the food is great

Kerma M.

Chicken was wonderful. Moist, and flavorful. Service was very good. I had white meat chicken 1/2 order with corn nuggets and slaw. Enjoyed the whole meal.

Shredded 406

Best chicken I’ve ever had and best service favorite place in Missoula

Cliff Stacy

This is the first restaurant we ate at when we moved to Missoula over a decade ago. It's truly a landmark. The chicken is out of this world. The environment and staff are lacking a bit. But I still recommend this place to everyone!

Ed Ereth

Really good chicken, fries, onion rings and a grilled chicken salad. Expect to wait a little while for your food, but worth it. Good service too.

Phillip Campbell

Always the best. I've been eating my entire life best fried chicken ever. And try the wings I love those best in missoula

Shem Ishler

Everyone always says Double Front has the best chicken in town. I haven’t tried much chicken elsewhere in the village of Missoula so I can’t answer that. What I can tell you is they have some dang good chicken, gizzards, fries, beer and service. Prices are pretty affordable.

wyatt warren

The server is great we were here and ordered the special she went around and even offered us dippings and great cooks very fast but very good I reccomend the dark chicken but we usually get the regular dinner which is great!

David Ringel

My wife first took me to Double Front when we moved to western Montana. I had no choice. I was told this place had the best fried chicken she had ever had, so of course that is the only thing we ordered. The half chicken was cooked perfectly. The chicken was tender and juicy. The massive helping of fries that came with the chicken was a perfect compliment. It is so good you just can't stop eating. Even when my stomach said you're full, my taste buds wanted more. This is our family's favorite restaurant in all of Missoula.

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