Fiesta En Jalisco

4880 N Reserve St, Missoula
(406) 543-7775

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Aaron Woods

Came in for some Steak Fajitas, the salsa was not the best but not bad and came in a small serving size. Fair prices and good service. Not crowded at all either on a Monday

Tiffany Wendel

Let me just start by saying the food is always great and the wait staff are top notch too. The bartenders are terrible with the exception of one man that works on the bar side. I walked in to grab a to go order, and wanted a shot. Paid for my food but then had to go to the bar side for the drink. No problem. The bartender literally walked past me 5 times, clearly seeing I was waiting for her. Then a waiter walked up and asked what I wanted and got the bartenders attention and ordered for me. The lady then looked at me and said no, that I had already been told no, so she wouldn't serve me. I had literally been in the place maybe 6 minutes. And completely sober. The waiter tried to explain that it was a different person and she could serve me. I was absolutely disgusted by how rude this woman was to me. We love fiesta and eat here often. The restaurant side is always wonderful. But the bar side needs some work because this is not the first time I've been seriously unhappy with the bartenders. I never complain, but there's no reason to be so awful to patrons that are giving you business.

Si “voidphoenix” MeOn

I can’t believe how horrible the food was here. I cannot remember the last time I had to spit my food out. The waitress was really nice when I asked if I could get something else after I tried two bites but almost threw up.I asked for some chicken tacos. Let me tell you, I am not sure how you can mess up chicken, but it was actually worse than my previous meal. I poured salsa and hot sauce all over it and still had to spit out my food.Was still charged for my first meal. Grossest restaurant I have ever been to.

Bella Hume

We ordered 2 chicken fajitas and were told 15 minutes over the phone. We show up and then were told our order had been given to the wrong person, and that they were “remaking the food”. We wait another 30 minutes and watch a stranger bring two bags of food back inside. We go in right after this man and our food was magically “ready”. By the time we got opened our food everything was ICE COLD. It was very clear they did NOT remake our food. Have you ever had ice cold refried beans? Or onions/chicken? Not very appetizing….. I’m severely disappointed as this was my favorite restaurant….

Brittany Stone

Skip it. No queso blanco available, only pre-portioned frozen nacho cheese like you’d see in a football concession stand. Enchiladas came in corn tortillas and the free salsa had the most flavor of anything we tried

David McCullough

The food was mostly very good! My taco needed some cheese on it though and we needed more salsa. The margarita was a little on the weak side. Overall it was very good though and I would eat there again.


Always amazing! The food & the staff are always wonderful! We've had multiple great experiences here & never a complaint. A must try for anyone passing through, or just looking for great Mex food.

Michael Higgins

This Fiesta en Jalisco is the best one in Missoula, and for a long time was the best Mexican food in Missoula before the opening of the Camino downtown. Still a great staple and a wonderful spot to grab a margarita and food in Missoula, but slightly less quality than the Flathead Lake location or The Camino downtown. The price is pretty reasonable though, and the service is wonderful. Lots of servers that have been there for years.On this night we just had some flautas, but the Fiesta burrito and Chile relleno combo is delicious, as well as camerones jalisco. This a going to be a reasonable priced option that is tasty with plenty of food to spare.


Great food. Friend from Texas said it's better than what she can get down south. Full disclosure, she says that's because it's all Tex Mex and she prefers Mex Mex. This has the proper style, and execution is done well.

Jedi Burner

Great Mexican food. Love the egg wrapped chile relleno

Gina Nelsen

Amazing service, good food, and delicious hand shaken margaritas that are strong. Cadillac is my favorite and this restaurant didn't disappoint!

Travis Nielson

Some of the Best Mexican food North of the border. Highly recommend the Chimichangas

Lisa Dumlao

My husband and I were passing through Missoula and wanted a sit down dinner after driving. Found this place and it delivered. Anyello was great and kudos to the bartender; excellent margarita on the rocks. Food was great as well (as you can see from the photo)..If uoj are looking for great Mexican in Missoula, this is it!!

Ryan Hoskinson

The most authentic Mexican food you'll find in Montana. Generous portions. Great service everytime. Highly recommended!

Dee Selk

Food not very good and service really bad! Server delivered drinks, and then the food. He never came back to ask if we wanted more cocktails. And although we were there right up to closing, they started clearing dishes and banging things around. Rude!

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