Monk's Bar

221 Ryman St, Missoula
(406) 549-0435

Recent Reviews


Bartender was amazing!!!

Tayla Call

The bartender was extreme rude when we ordered our drinks. It took forever to get a drink, even when the club is empty... We told her what we wanted and she proceeded to shake her head and exclaim how much she disliked our drink of choice. Not only is this rude, but we aren’t paying for your opinion.

Lone Rider

Great music, good ambience, great location.

Bella Dally

Best times in sooooo long

Chad Knapp

Monk's is pretty much always a good time. They could Improve their my experience, there's either too much bass or too much high end lol...but they have some good drink prices and some great performers come through ?

Sias Beth

free wifi. friendly ppl. good service

Michelle Beach

Neat underground venue. Great sound guy, green room and host Venue.

Barbara Gursky Hartman

This is just a great fun bar, with great staff and always great music!!

Barbara R Hartman

This is just a great fun bar, with great staff and always great music!!

Conrad Wasser

It's kinda neat. But the venue seems like it has the same local rappers constantly

Eturn Azar Javaheri

Love this place. Super friendly owner and staff that care about the bands that roll through. Dope and clean venue. I had such a good time playing here.

William Rathbun

Had to say hi to Betty. She is cool

Michelle McLinden

Get the pepperoncini shot! Thank me later! It's so good!

Maddy Ferguson

A dark dungeon of a place to grab a drink and catch some live music, if you're into that...

Travis Lerum

Known the owner and his family for decades. Had my wedding reception in this establishment and they made a cave look like a dream!

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