The Montana Club Restaurant

2620 Brooks St, Missoula
(406) 543-3200

Recent Reviews

Vicki DeVore

The food and service at The Montana Club are both top notch! The food is always fresh and the wait staff always friendly. I highly recommend them!

Jacqueline Smith

The food was oversalted to inediblity. The mixed drinks although tasty had little alcohol in them.

Mark Handlovitch

Always love having dinner at the Montana Club before heading to the mountains for our annual elk hunt. The seafood is always perfect and who could pass up Huckleberry creme brulee.

Jessie Olvera

Avery was our waitress and aside from not eating meat she gave some good insight into the menu.Strawberry martini was yummy and not too strong. Strawberry wheat beer is a staple in Missoula and also very yummy.Bacon caramelized cheese curd for an app. You cannot go wrong with fried cheese, bacon, and caramel with a side of ranch! Odd combination but really good taste! Needed a spoon for the caramel.Bison rib eye with huckleberry compote as a side. Baked potato and asparagus, well prepared. Everything was delicious. The compote was on the side as a dipping sauce. Added a sweetness to the steak.Huckleberry fillet with baked potato loaded. It was a good filet but not magical. A minus. Compote is over done on food in this area. Would taste better on chicken or pork.Starter salad with blueberry and pomegranate vinaigrette. Needs some brown sugar walnuts with that dressing.

Leslie Gaul

Service is wonderful and most food is too except they obviously use re-heated chicken in their cashew chicken stir fry. The taste of that chicken was extremely offensive. For the cost of their meals, it would be much more proper to use fresh meat.

Sey Sey

I had the Steak Oscar, it was soooo amazing! It was served with asparagus spears, salad and steamed veggies, both sides of my choice. Appetizer was crab dip and wonton chips, they were delicious!! Our server Conner was excellent, his manners and timing were spot on! Shout out to the cooks for an amazingly cooked meal, time after time! The food and atmosphere was topnotch. Something that keeps me going back. A must go to if you want, burgers, seafood, steaks or BBQ.

Marne Newton

Yummy.Poor Wit, our waitress. First the kitchen sends out a salad with iceberg, which I am allergic to then my second lemonade, glass was dirty had floaters in it. Then the big order that was before ours was messed up so it took while. Then to top it off one of our steaks had to go back it was way under cooked. She was so frustrated.Oh but it was fantastic! Worth the wait.

Michael Gabert

Honestly its an all around great place to eat. All though you shouldn't order to take out. Quality will suffer slightly. Love the drinks the food and the service is usually on spot. Went in for lunch one time they took a lil longer then I had expected. However I foods still great and they had a new waitress in training.

Sarah Afshar

This is one of the best restaurants in Montana. Not only are the prices reasonable, I also love the fact that they offer a variety of options for vegetarians like myself. And every single option they can substitute for something plant based. I guess my only con would be that they removed the Mediterranean pasta dish off the menu and got rid of the amazing cheese plate appetizer.

Chris A

Good food friendly staff. Was our third stop on a late night Sunday because of places having to close early due to staff. Thanks for having us with only 30 minutes til close and not making us feel rushed. Hugs and well wishes to all restaurants and staff during the trying times. Keep up the good work Montana Club.

Lee McBride

The chicken fried steak was clearly frozen and then warmed up, which ordinarily would not be that big of a deal, but it was $20. Also our waitresses did not fill our drinks nor did she check in on us during our meal. Not impressed with the quality of food or service.

richard schager

Last night we ordered parm halibut and steak.The fish was cooked like chicken and the prime steak was not cooked and rubbery. The beer and margaritas were perfect. The salad was crisp. The garlic mashed potato was excellent..

Deb Powers

Great service. Great food. Prime rib cooked a little longer than necessary but still really good. Best fries on the planet!

Doreen F.

Had lunch today as this is my husband's preferred place to eat when we come to Missoula to do our shopping. He had the fish sandwich and said it tasted good but too much breading, and the french fries were overly salty. I should know better than to order seafood from a non-coastal state. I had the crab/shrimp Louie and the mixture had no seafood taste and was completely over seasoned. Dungeness crab has a sweet flavor and you couldn't taste it, way too salty so I just ate the lettuce for lunch. I find the descriptions of the food so much more appetizing than the actual food. Such a pity. Time to find a new go-to restaurant that isn't so pricy and has better food. Also noticed we were charged for the more expensive seafood Louie when I pointed out the lighter version on the menu when ordering, $3 difference.

Paul G.

They served us our appetizers, then salads, then our entrees all within a 5 minute time period. Not a single person had even touched their salads yet. So we got to have our entrees sitting on our table getting cold while we rushed through our appetizers and salads. But at least we got forced to pay an 18% 'gratuity'. The menu says the usual thing about parties of 8 or more having an automatic gratuity. We had a party of 7 and they still put the automatic 'gratuity' on our bill. The food is good but way overpriced. Our bill for two appetizers, 5 alcoholic drinks, 2 iced teas and 7 entrees was just under $300, right at $41/each. I've been there a few times but, honestly, I've had enough.

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