B's Barbecue

751 State Rd 1204, Greenville
(252) 758-7126

Recent Reviews

Kurt Esser

Don't let the looks deceive you, great chicken and BBQ. Super nice folks.

Michael Torbert

This popular spot is worth the visit, just make sure you get there early because once they sell out, that’s it for the day.The charcoal smoked chicken is worth getting for that delicious crispy skin. It’s light on the seasoning so the charcoal taste is primary.Service is as good as it gets. This is true small-town southern hospitality.

James Jade

Great atmosphere extraordinary service with food out of this world!!!!!!!Its no wonder they've won so many awards for their style of BBQ, and the chicken is awesome as well!!!! I will always be back for more!!!!

Bran-Ds Gardn N Thangz

I went 5/29/21 while I was waited for the doctor to discharge my mother from hospital. My manager recommended this place. She said it was just a hole in the wall but they had good food although she had not been in some years. It was 4 minutes from the hospital in a residential neighborhood. There was no marked or designated parked so I parked along the road. You stand outside in a line, walk up to the window and place your order. The guy at the window was fast and smooth, moving the line quickly. The regulars that came up he called their usual orders out to them if they were next in line. You pay (cash only) once your food is ready. They were moving two to three people at a time depending on the size of their order. There are plenty of seats with umbrellas. If someone in line needed to sit everyone knew where to form the line respecting that persons place in line. I ordered a bbq sandwich (3.99) with coleslaw and a half a pound of bbq (total $8 and change). They give you a vinegar based sauce which really makes the bbq. If not for the sauce I would have given 3 stars and I am comparing their bbq to our hometown bbq from Nixons Catering so with the sauce this definitely competes. I didnt get to taste the sandwich, my brother who stated that he doesnt eat pork (not for religious reasons but because it gives him headaches) decided he was hungry and eating my sandwich for free was better than going to the cafeteria. I asked him how was it and he said it was really good, meaty, didnt have a lot a vinegar and it did not give him a headache afterwards. Plus he loved the price for the size of the sandwich. Would I go here again? Absolutely. I just have to have the vinegar if I get bbq. A lot of people in line were getting the bbq and half a chicken so I will try that the next time. I tried another bbq place out on the same day in Winterville, paid $8 for 1 bbq sandwich and will never go back there for pulled pork again. Go to B's but dont forget the sauce.

Cathy Williams

You haven't had good barbecue in NC if you haven't been to B's Bar-B-Que! Closed on Mondays, but open Tues-Sat. Get there early for lunch because they always sell out between 1 and 2!

David M.

Best BBQ sandwich ever! BBQ chicken is hit or miss but the pork BBQ is always on the mark. Defiantly a Greenville tradition. (staff is a bit grumpy)

Justin J.

This is the place to go for true Eastern NC bbq! You know it's good when people in suits, scrubs, blue collar uniforms, and more are all in the same line and laughing with each other about their excitement to order. Truly a melting pot for the community thanks to amazing food.

Andrew C.

This is my favorite barbecue in the world and I've had a lot of barbecue. This is less precious than Skylight, which I also love but B's is unpretentious, The barbecue is perfect and sitting out underneath the oak trees is exactly the way the good lord intended people to enjoy barbecue.

Karen Harris

I love their food I come away from Raleigh just to get great food it is so good see in Greenville and it's like an hour and something away from where I stay you know the food got to be good I have to get up early to go because they run out of food that's how good they food are


Went hydro the first time today. Got the pulled pork dinner. Awesome corn sticks. Coleslaw was too die for and pulled pork was great! Large portions and small price. Be sure to get there early as they close when they run out of food!

The Anointed One

I came from the west coast just to try this barbecue place and it was definitely worth it the prices were very affordable and the food was great. I would definitely come back here.

Michael E Hattaway

Always a must stop for the best BBQ in the area. Get in line early because when they are sold out you'll have to wait until next time. Great food for a great price with family friendly atmosphere.

Brody B

BBQ is okay, sauce will definitely make the pork taste. When Google says wood, they mean bagged briquettes -- at least that was what I saw and tasted.The smoke house could definitely handle hickory or a fruit wood (cherry, apple, or orange) and it would improve the flavor of the meat.The vinegar sauce is pretty good and makes the meats. Bring cash and figure out what you want before you get to the front of the line -- there are a lot of people behind youIn all fairness I haven't tried the wings yet, and have been told they are their best dish -- go for the wings

Daniel Myatt

Best chicken I've ever eaten in my whole life.

Parish Ervin

My father in law loves this place and has been eating here for years! The food has to be good if cars are lined up to get in!!

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