Firehouse Subs Arlington Crossing

1852 W Arlington Blvd, Greenville
(252) 565-8540

Recent Reviews

Rick Lupton

Very friendly staff, good food done fast

Heather P.

I love the club on a sub! Its an added bonus when the staff are so nice and the restaurant is clean!

Amy Eason

First time visiting this location and could not have asked for better food or service. I was inspired to leave the review because a young man making the subs (I wish I knew his name) went out of his way to show kindness to an older gentleman customer. When the man's sub was ready and his name was called, the young man saw he was struggling to get up from his chair to retrieve it. He said, "No Sir, I've got it." Even though he was extremely busy with orders, he stopped what he was doing and took the man's sub to his table. The old man said, "Thank you. You are the man!" The boy replied, "No Sir, you are." My 17 year old daughter had tears in her eyes as we saw what was going on. So thankful to this young Firehouse employee for sharing his kindness with others!

Brenda Wynn

The service was good and the food was delicious. I'm sorry I didn't do extra for the fire fighters. I will next time.

Dave Shirley

Driest steak sub I've ever had in my life and there were barely any peppers and onions.....

Dante Dixon

Need to stop being skimpy on the cheddar beef brisket SAUCE

Christy Oliver

For a first time customer, I had no idea the small sub WAS indeed SO small! I ordered online, assumed for the price, the small subs would be at least 6 inches, but what I got were 4 sliders. I could have accepted that more if they had of just been loaded with meat and vegetables, but unfortunately they had very little of all... Mine for example was a bacon ranch, but it had only a little bit of meat, a sliver of tomato, a sprinkle of lettuce, one small, thin slice of bacon, folded in the middle, and it did not taste anything like ranch. The bread is VERY thick. Too thick. I don't like that. It's too much. I got 2 others that were turkey and cheese, and the same... Little meat and cheese, barely any flavor and I paid extra for bacon, a little folded piece of bacon. The 4th one was actually the best looking one. Wish I'd gotten that one instead. I am glad I decided before leaving to get the limited meatball pepperoni to split w my son. It was VERY good! The meal cost too much however, but was good. We like Which Wich much better! The Firehouse menu should have the subs listed by number size (like 1/4", 6" and 12"), not small, medium or large. I didn't even know sub restaurants made 1/4" subs, or as I now say, sliders. May as well just go to Arby's. At least the price and amount of ingredients is better, as well as taste. I spent over $30 at Firehouse. Was not worth it. I will stick with Which Wich.

Shawn Reese

Best subs I've had in a while. The staff is very friendly

Jamie Hatfield

The customer service here is what keeps me coming back. Everyone who works here is always so kind. The subs are the absolute best every time!

doris norman

It was my first time there. I love my sandwich. It was delish.

Jessica Avery

Friendly staff, quick service, and best of all, the gluten free sandwich tasted delicious!


Alexis is sooo sweet! Her customer service is stellar and deserves more than whatever she’s getting paid now. Keep up the great work! ?

Tim Vandiford

Great subs and staff and service well worth it woot

Libby Pulley

Service is excellent in my book,subs very good.

Daniel Peterson

The food was delicious and they were conscientious about following the COVID protocol.

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