Mario's Tacos

1700 W 5th St, Greenville
(252) 752-7284

Recent Reviews

Tara Gay

I didn't care to much for the tacos, but when I asked to try the other taco he said he didn't have anymore. So that was rather odd. I'm not sure what the reasoning. Regardless I tipped them and left. Be mindful of the place because they don't like certain people of color in the store. I noticed that so I'm just letting people know.

Sammie Nieves Jr

Best taco shop in Greenville, hands down.

Rafeh Naqash

Authentic Mexican stuff!! We ate tacos and the sauces are very good. The people are are so authentic that they spoke minimal English and mostly Spanish. I mean this as a compliment. Even the TV had news in Spanish!

Heidy Romero

Pretty good flavors on the tacos and menudo. Would definitely come back. Reasonable prices, menu is in english and spanish

Agustin Martinez

Food is on point!! Love it!! Will definitely keep coming back. Also check out Mario's Boots Awesome place!! ??

Edwin Luquis

Real Mexican food, good price, and great taste

Gloria Cannon

The service was great and food was good

Josh Riding

Awesome authentic street tacos

Evelyn Maguire

Friendly service and great tacos

Will L.

This is the best taco spot I've been to in my life! I would highly recommend it to anyone! They are like family!

Linda W.

Best place for authentic Mexican food. The place isn't fancy, but they serve up some amazing tacos and other delicious foods. The salsas are homemade and are equally wonderful.

Lily J.

I love Mario's and can't recommend them enough for anyone looking for Mexican food in Greenville! Great customer service and great food - plus the turnover time is quick!

Rich Elkins

Love their quesadillas! These aren't your small tortillas with some cheese and maybe a bit of chicken... They're huge and stuffed with toppings, enough for a large appetite or good for sharing if you don't.

Ann Mahlitz

Great lunch with my son and his girlfriend. It's their favorite taco place and I can see why.

Daniel James Morgan

Very authentic Mexican food. Worth trying for sure.

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