Michaelangelo's Pizza on Memorial

950 Criswell Dr Suite 117, Greenville
(252) 321-0142

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I had given this place a 5 star before but the last couple times I have been here the tables were dirty. Tonight I ask for a rag and solution to clean a table so I could eat (literally every table was dirty) employee comes out and cleans 1 table for me to eat at and goes back behind the counter talking to other employees.. I LOVEtheir subs but can't handle nasty

ashley parker

Best New York style pizza out.

Naomi Alex

Pizza was not good the worst pizza I’ve ever tasted and it should not be sitting under the glass nobody knows how long it’s been there then all they do is warm it up, and the woman working at the counter acted like she didn’t want to be there nor talk


Pizza was decent, but not very flavorful. Customer service was good, but instead of “20-25 minutes” wait, it was about a 30-35 minute wait. The boneless wings and garlic knots were extremely small, too, and the knots had little to no garlic butter and seasoning on them. Places like Domino’s pizza had bigger and more flavorful bread.

Robbie Dews

Very nice ?

Charles Dodson

Curbside pick up does not apply to slices of pizza even when you have 6. They made me get out with a baby and go in. Then no one would hold door or help to get pizza out even while I was holding baby and the huge box. Great customer service you have there.

Greg Jones

Pizza sitting under the glass if often old....not sure how long ago it was cooked. I expect fresh food, not warmed up slices that were cooked who knows how long ago.

Richard Davis

Good pizza.

Ruby Rouse

Love this place they have the best pizza around here.

Tommy Dail

This location needs a lot of attention by the owners. Not very customer service oriented, they got our takeout order wrong so we had to drive back up there to get it corrected and all we got was a “Sorry”. Well how about our time and effort??? We’ve patronized Michaelangelos for years and are sorely disappointed in this location. Makes you wonder if quality of food and service matters anymore.

Cheryl Ruggiero

Took long time to get pizza and when received it was cold, utensils provided plastic and no chance of cutting.

Stephanie Goodwin

Decent pizza. Great people at the counter.

Brenna Babcock

Always friendly and clean


New location and convenient for us! So many good pizzas and their combos are hard to beat! Look forward to going again soon!

Edgar R.L.

Not sure if this is the usual but probably the worst customer acknowledgment ever. There was at least six people at the front all in conversation and no one spoke up to ask or to see what was needed from me and others that came behind me. I got asked where do we order from another customer, same thing I said to myself. The place wasn’t busy. Let’s hope this food is good!

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