Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

540 Greenville Blvd SE, Greenville
(252) 321-7498

Recent Reviews

Lee Lynch

Absolutely delicious! The salad and pasta was more than tasty.

Sharon Apoian

One of the BEST experiences I have had with Olive Garden!! Our waiter was AWESOME!! Food was hot and perfect and our cups were never empty!!!

Brenda Adams

We had lunch there recently. The service was excellent and the staff very friendly and accommodating. The salad was the star of the meal. Very fresh and delicious. My husband got ravioli which he thought was okay. I got the shrimp scampi and it was not very good. It came in what looked like a cereal bowl. The sauce was just really a watery bland watered down broth with no taste. The asparagus was literally the very ends that were tough and crunchy. The pasta was cooked correctly so I ate the shrimp and some of the pasta and left half a bowl of “sauce “ and the few tough asparagus ends. The breadsticks were as good as ever. I will never order the lunch shrimp scampi again.

Rob Miller

Good food, just not enough of it. Service was great.

Larry Sasser

Great server today had soup and half bowl of spaghetti

Michael Pichan

Love their all you can eat soup and salad deal. All the soups are very good but their pasta fagioli is my favorite!

Neyla M.

Our waiter Michael did amazing we really felt welcomed and enjoyed him talking to us he did very very well best service me and my boyfriend have had in a long ass time !

Jim Jones

I eat here often for lunch. Love the salad and pasta. But $4.50 beers is a little over the line. Come on guys. I always sit at bar, and staff has always been great.

Anna Allen

best olive garden i’ve been to in awhile !

Camille Griggs

Very good

Queen Assafi

The for was great. Our server was a young African American man with curly hair. He was sweet, professional and kind.

Staneyl Drewery

First time in months I had great customer service and the food was great. Ready to go back!!

Heath Labox

Had an anniversary dinner with the wife and the staff was amazing. They even went the extra mile and brought us a specialized dessert at the end of the meal.

Kimberly Greenwald

Great food and service, my only vomaint is in regard to the " ha ndicap accessible bathrooms" I have no room to get my wheel chair in the door, and had a difficult time getting turned around to shut the stall door. Please help fix this problem, the doors are heavy and we cannot open and operate our chairs all at the same time, there needs to be more space. Thank you

Terry Moultrie

Oh my God came here on a rainy day with my nephew that's autistic and first I thought they set us in a very unusual place and then I realized after almost 15 minutes no one came to take out order and then I was able to talk to the hostess that's at us there and she stated that no one wanted to come take our order for whatever reason and she apologized and then they sent this cute young man to take our order and he apologized multiple times and I said it's no worries it's a pleasure to have you has my waiter today LOL and the manager came over and apologize gave us any free dessert that we want it so the food was good and hot and we were satisfied me and my nephew will go back?

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