Sakura Asian Express

3209 S Memorial Dr, Greenville
(252) 321-3088

Recent Reviews

Donavan Heres

If you've never been to SAKURA ASIAN EXPRESS in Gville, you are seriously missing out. They make everything from scratch. So, there's a bit of a wait, but it's soooo worth it. Best authentic Asian cuisine I've ever had. I went for lunch and the Singapore curry noodle soup was to die for. So much so, that after work I picked up 2 other entrees to take home and try. Gen tso and tonkotsu ramen.**Nibbled on the Gen tso heat lvl3 otw home and it too is the best I've ever had. They have pineapples in it to counter the heat. Amazing

Nancy Needham

The woman was really helpful and pleasant even when I wasn't sure of what I wanted. My meal, pad Bangkok, was delicious! I'd never had it before and was very pleased.

Lony Romero

Authentic. Delicious. Great portions. My family’s go-tos are the Singapore Curry Noodles with shrimp and the spicy basil chicken!

Jeremy Monette

All of the food is good, and yes you may have to wait sometimes if they are busy but the food is one of a kind. Plus each dish is made to order with HUGE portions. I go with Signapore Curry Noodle Soup 3 spicy but you better like spicy. I feel like this is the type of place that you can't go anywhere else in the world and find dishes like theirs. This isn't a have it your way experience so don't be offended if they refuse to make a dish to your liking (example: like saying no onions). This is like changing their recipe/flavor so to speak.This is THE MOST AUTHENTIC cuisine I have ever had. Pho is really good and most of her broths she spends hours preparing the base for her dishes. Their is something for everyone here to from breaded chicken fingers to hibachi, you can find it all here. Don't miss out! At one point I was going twice a week. Sure there are a few PHO places around but I'm telling you they are like McDonalds compared to this place. Get the best the FIRST TIME!

Henry Doskey

Found it had improved since our last visit,which was before the pandemic. Also an improved menu - shorter and more manageable - made dining more enjoyable.

Lighthouse Visuals

Best restaurant in Greenville! I absolutely love everything about this place!

Nick Monk

Food was great. The lady was super nice.

T K.

I have been many times...always excellent food. It can get very spicy, so be careful what spice level you order.

Charmaine J.

Food is delicious homemade and made fresh and you can tell best Asian food I have ever had hands down and I have tried a lot all over North Carolina. This is a must try

Mazen I.

Probably the most authentic Asian food in Greenville, but the standards they have would do well in a big city as well. I loved their Malaysian fried noodles and Singapore curry noodle soup with shrimp. Can not wait to try some more offerings because all three times I have been here, the food has been delicious. If you are not used to spice, start at the lowest. I usually get 2 or 3 depending on my mood and I am well accustomed to spicy food. Happy eating!

Andrew Bean

I've been here once and the food was awesome! We got the ramen bowls, level 2 spicy, and wow it was good! 2 is all I need, plenty hot! Be patient with the service, it's worth it


One of my favorite Asian restaurants in Greenville!Have ordered here several times and the food tastes very fresh and delicious with a generous portion!


This is the best most authentic Asian cuisine in Greenville. Much better than the Thai restaurants that are in Winterville. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. The bulgogi & fried rice is perfect as well as the lemon grass chicken. You can taste all the different flavors of spices. The side of kimchi (the best we’ve ever had) compliments all of these flavors & will keep making you eat until you ate them all up! What a meal!

Nicole Stevenson

I got the Sakura appetizer sampler to try a few things as I’d never been here before. Everything was amazing! Will be back again to try out more of the menu.

Lorena McConnell

Such a wide variety of authentic asian food that is delicious. I always appreciate that they don't judge my basic white girl appearance when ordering my food really spicy like most other restaurants do! One of my favorite restaurants in Greenville!

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