Paradiso Mexican Restaurant | Bismarck

2620 State St, Bismarck
(701) 224-1111

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Family Steward

Mild salsa wasn’t our cup of tea, but the hot salsa exceeded expectations! We tried the banana mango margarita and it was absolutely delicious!! The food was definitely made with love. Fresh and flavorful!! Chicken was moist. Ground beef was perfectly seasoned. Our server, Liliana was so incredible!!! AMAZING EXPERIENCE all around!

Carmyn Jackson

I love their long island iced teas.

dylan rowlee

Don’t get me wrong the food was decent, however, it’s extremely overpriced. The wait staff is also terrible, they don’t come back to check on you, refill your drinks, or ask how you’re doing. Went back today in hopes of better service but waited for 40 mins with no wait staff, no drinks, no chips, and after telling someone that we haven’t been waited on, we were told to just wait as the 2 waitresses on duty were too preoccupied waiting on everyone else who “just walked in”. It’s a poor excuse for Tex Mex let alone a Mexican Restaurant. Don’t go here, I recommend LaCaretta or Charras and Tequila.

Sam L.

Wow! What an amazing dinner we had here. There was a bit of a wait for a table, but we were able to be seated at the bar immediately. There was a self-serve chips and salsa bar which we loved! The bartender was very friendly and let us know they had a deal to buy 2 drinks and a burrito, and get a 2nd burrito free. My husband had two to himself (seafood burrito and fajita burrito - a little surf and turf) . I had the seafood enchiladas - talk about drool-worthy. There was lobster in there with a cream sauce!! Lastly, I have a gluten allergy and they had lots of great options for me. They were more than happy to help me find the right dish, and it was full of flavor.

EdieLou Armey (Gypse)

The service was slow and not at all friendly. It wasn't that busy. Bartender did her job but did not look happy. Perhaps it was the end of her shift, or something happened, or she is just burnt out. None of those are excuses when you are serving the public. We sat in the bar and took our food back to the motel. She didn't tell us about the snack food available to us, which most servers do. The food was good, but verging on being cold and we went directly back to the motel. There wasn't enough gravy on either order. Not impressed, Jamestown is by far the best Paradiso.

Cindy Dockter

It was so good. Ate way too many chips like always. The Sangria was the very best. Drank many all over town .None compare

Katie R.

We stopped for the night in Bismarck after a long day of driving. Mexican sounded good so we went in around 8pm. We were seated immediately but waited ten minutes or more before my husband went to the hostess and told her we hadn't been seen our server yet. It was another five minutes before she finally came, with no apology. Chips were obviously from the bottom of the bag. Our meals were decent. I'd asked for no olives and that was ignored. The server noticed it and blamed it on the manager but didn't offer to replace or apologize. We likely wouldn't be back even if it had been stellar since this was a stop on a road trip.

elzie hall

Great food! Pleasant atmosphere, very welcoming staff, and prices are reasonable. And free birthday dinner! Did I mention how good the drinks are?

Brock Thomas

I have been here many times. It's because the service is great and so is the food! Consistently. Nice, cool atmosphere. Eat as much of the extra hot sauce with your chips as u want, the air is set low enough so nobody will see the sweat on your brow. The bartenders are friendly with a ☺

Ginger R

Just had the worst service ever. My friends and I still had a good time but wow! I have NEVER had a server argue and sass me and a guest before. 1. 3 people order 2. 2 meals arrive at table. server forgot 3rd order completely, she apologizes and takes order again...ok 3. 4th person arrives and orders a drink here and meal to go 4. 2 meals come out, one person says "my (my as in just me) order was to go" Personally I only saw one meal but they take both meals back to box them 5. I ask for manager 6. server talks to us and says that the person delivering food to table thought we wanted both boxed up and "that's why you shouldn't order meals at different times because I can only put them in the system together". She is defensive. 7. 20min go by as the meals are "boxed". It was timed. I wonder if they are recooking them and ask. Server is abrasive when asked. "No because you asked us to box them and we boxed them."Server gives my friend her meal to eat out of the box lukewarm at the table. my other friend that was going to take hers to go is so polite that she eats hers out the box too just to lessen the discomfort. 8. manager never comes ever 9. We had 6 people with alcoholic beverages eating at staggered times. I sat with an empty dirty margarita glass and dirty plate in front of me for about an hour. she never picked them up or offered me water. I didnt even want to ask for water by the end of it though I wanted some. 10. I ask for some compensation for my friend. server basically blames my friend and tells her she didnt charge for the soda so that's her compensation because "sodas are $3" she says 11. my friend states that she thinks she shouldn't have to pay to eat lukewarm food out a box. server blatantly blames my friend for the "miscommunication" Server was sassy while defending herself and even when fake apologizing. A manager should have come out. Never argue with a customer.

Jessie Murray

Always good for a FREE meal on your birthday!! Good Mexican Food, decent atmosphere, great HappyHour in the Bar!!

Roger Ironman Mayhew

Good location, great customer service, great food, great adult beverages, great with kids, fast, efficient, friendly professional staff, JUST AN OUTSTANDING ESTABLISHED BUSINESS, deserves a Five Star Plus Rating. I recommend to all far and wide.

Madisen Houston

Paradiso has always been one of my favorite places to eat on my birthday since I was a little girl. However I am sad to report that this is no longer true. Tonight I had the absolute worst restauraut experience here. Right off the bat our waitress was very cranky and rude to us. I had a few questions about some menu items as I have severe food allergies. She immediately switched from cranky to annoyed and started rolling her eyes at me. I asked if I could get something other than the spanish rice because I am allergic to carrots. She sourly explained I could have more beans or fruit. After we had all ordered she slumped off to put them all in. About 10 minutes later she returned and told me that the chicken that was in my meal has carrots and so does basically everything on the menu and that cross contamination would be a big issue. I said ok and I was about to order something different when she immediately walked away. I called after her and asked if I could order something I could eat, to which she rolled her eyes again and said sure. I asked what I would be able to have without getting my allergens and she sighed and said "Hold on." She then walked away to go talk to the cooks. About 10 minutes later she returns and says "All you can have is a chicken breast or a steak and I could do some beans and fruit." I told her I'd have that and she slumped off again. Eventually everyones food came and I was handed the plate in the photo of this review. I couldn't even cut the steak, it was so salty I had to spit it out, it was very tough and closely resembled stale jerky; simply inedible. We let her know our concerns and asked for something different. She said we could have the chicken breast so we ordered that. Lots of time passed to the point that everyone was already done eating and she finally comes back with the checks. I asked her if the chicken breast was coming and she said "I think so. I don't know the cooks said they were making it so..." and walked away again. I stopped her and asked her to put it in a box when it was done. When it finally came out it was dry, burnt, and small (see photo). Needless to say I was not impressed with this experience. Quite frankly it completely ruined my night and I do not think I will be returning. I felt completely disrespected and discriminated for my allergies, and I really just hope that girl has a better day tomorrow and doesn't take her bad ones out on her customers anymore.

Cole Johnson

Great place. Fast service, good server. Got right in and seated. Food was delicious.

Sue Kristianson Butterfield

Had a very nice waiter Kenny..very friendly and great service

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Paradiso Mexican Restaurant | Bismarck

2620 State St, Bismarck, ND 58503
(701) 224-1111