Taco Bell

3310 State St, Bismarck
(701) 224-0780

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Shannon Akeen

Love this place but got the order wrong and didn't give us any napkins sauces or forked.

Hannah Nash

Waited in line for 40ish minutes, they were out of several things also. Two employees standing outside smoking too. They probably should’ve been in helping if it’s taking this long. When we got the food, one of the tacos wasn’t wrapped and was spilled in the bag

Lyseaunna Ressler

By far the worst service i have ever received. Your employees who run drive thru need to learn how to properly greet their customers, you dont greet your on coming customers with "wassup hows it going" just isnt very appropriate. You dont ask customers if they would like sauce by "yo you want sauce". Very disappointed in the service I received today. Not to mention the food was wrapped horribly and tasted horrible. My nacho fries tasted as if they had been sitting for days. Will not be coming back to this tacobell, because thats not the first time i have received horrible service. My bad experience will be passed on to people around me.

Mr. Spider

Great service...and taste like taco bell

Scott Allison

Ordered my food online at 11 sat in drive-thru for 40 minutes waiting to get my food... better be right..... slowest Taco Bell I've ever been to and I've been to a lot of Taco Bells..?

Patrick Krueger

Everytime I go here its usually a 20 to 30 minute drive-thru wait. I hope it gets better everytime but usually it's always worse than the time before. Was just there and got yelled at thru the speaker for asking if anyone was there after waiting at menu for 15 minutes of no activity. Never going here again. Save your time and go elsewhere.

Alexis Levy

This place has absolutely the worst staff. Whenever I go at night around 10 they say “we ran out of food or that it takes to much time to make”. I went last night for there nacho fries and they kept telling me to order something else. I said no and waited an extra 15 minutes. They gave me fries with no seasoning and to say the least my brother was very disappointed when I got home. Whoever owns this restaurant I recommend getting better staff because they are driving your business into the ground.

Gary Roehrich

I understand they were short staffed but they didn't even acknowledge drive through customers to let you know they see you but will be a few minutes, 2 cars in front of me and took 15 minutes to get to the order menu, then sit and wait another 10 minutes before they took my order. Then another 15 minutes to get my order after paying. Had at least 8 vehicles behind me drive off, probably more if they didn't come around the building. One cook and two people standing and wandering around instead of helping the cook. To top it off the burrito Supreme and nacho bell grande had so little meat and a ridiculous amount of refried beans so that was all you could taste was refried beans. Awful service, Awful employees not helping each other, and Awful food. Used to like taco bell probably won't be eating there anymore though.

Luke Winterberg

Stay away. The level of disorder and incompetence happening here is concerning. If you can't get the little easy things right after multiple attempts, I have zero faith they can do the little things behind the scenes correctly. You know basic food safety stuff.

Jason Draper

Ordered and pulled up to the drive up window. Large man working the window was picking his nose. Left immediately.

LaSheila Hughes

Waited for like 12 mins for my food in drive thru and it was made sloppily and missing items. Called manager and she only made excuses.

Calley Sass

This particular Taco Bell was great! Stuffed tacos with just the right amount of all that goodness, and the service was stellar.The gal was very pleasant and I'd choose this one over the others in area ????

Miguel Manzo

Terrible customer service. They were out of the food that we wanted and the food that we ended up having to order was not correct and they gave us the wrong receipt and didn’t even give us the food we ordered. The lobby was closed and I couldn’t go back in to refund the food. I’d give it zero stars if I could.

Jody Cain

WOW! Not only were they open tonight as it’s 10:40pm... but they only answered the phone and ignored their OPEN DRIVE THROUGH! Whoever owns this franchise needs to fire the crew that Refused service with a sign that said OPEN TIL 12AM on a Saturday June 5th,2021!! THIS IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EXTREMELY POOR MANAGEMENT!

Michael Roepke

Hours say open till 12am. But they are constantly closed at different times after 9pm.

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