Applebee's Grill + Bar

14 Manchester Rd, Derry
(603) 432-5600

Recent Reviews

Mark Shamaly

Live their crew! Always nice to see and great food! They always know what I want no matter how much time has gone by since last visit. Thank you Derry Applebees

Alejandro Villa

Nice food. Next to the comfort inn hotel

Jen Belanger

Fantastic and they are even doing a promotion for Disney's Jungle Cruise...


Fish and chips were lousy. The fish was nothing but overcooked batter.

Joe Cook

Had take out no silverware forgot my appetizer. waited extra 15 minutes for fries. Order mushrooms for my steak and hardly any on it.

Carol Sugalski

Food and service were excellent. I sat at the bar, and I got top service as always. It's my first choice for a night out without breaking the bank.

Shawn Ashley

The staff is hella ghetto but extremely accommodating and friendly. A friend and I visited from out of town after midnight and the establishment was very lively.

Dan Gosselin

Great staff, Andy was super patient when our daughter was having a meltdown and needed to be disciplined. Once we were back on track the food was good and service was fast.

aj asencio

Very nice place, wait staff was great but everything seemed to take a while because they appeared to have very limited wait staff.

John Dubay

Dave the Manager is Awesome. I ordered online and picked it up with my 4 year old. He is 4 so while we were waiting he was being a bit jumpy so when they handed me my order I kind of rushed out and didn't really look at it but When I got home I realized my appetizer was not in the bag. I called and was placed on hold. By the time I got back to the restaurant I was still on hold but I hung up and talked to the Waitress. Dave immediately came over and asked me what happened and made everything %100 better. Thank you Dave you and your crew are the reason I keep my business there!!!

Elizabeth L.

Ummmm the onion rings were a hit. So crispy. So delicious. Also had some mozzarella sticks which were good. But man, I can't stop thinking about the crunch when i bit into that delightful onion ring.

Bea Handlin

Stopped in for lunch. The food was good, pretty standard for a chain. The service however was mediocre at best. We had asked for napkins and the server actually rolled his eyes at us. Not once were we asked if we needed anything throughout our meal, so I'm glad we were able to flag him down to ask for things. When we asked for anything we were met with short single word answers of "Yep."Overall this was not an enjoyable time.

Pat Obrien

applebees grill. saugas plaza. food great really full. waitress trained did good. very pleasant. .

Alyssa C.

Wouldnt serve my 22 year old daughter a drink when we were here as a family due to her ID seeming "fake". Manager extremely rude and not understanding whatsoever.

Keith Ford

My son and I had a couple of different new bowl options and enjoyed them very much. Waiter was pleasant although a little forgetful. Been a while since we've been there but we'll be back.

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