Burger King

35 Manchester Rd, Derry
(603) 434-9775

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Collis Adams

This location is pretty bad. Feels like they go out of their way to mess things up when they get busy. But realistically, I've gone there tonight at 8:00 on a Monday night ordering through App and the place is legit just closed. Lmao laughable even for fast food, the management needs to figure it out

Rich B.

The worst service ever in the drive through. Woman who took order was incredibly rude. She then mocked me when I told her that I felt she was rude to me. Will NOT be going back to that BK. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Jonathan Clackers

Manager is SUPER!!! Lack of help makes it difficult for them to work, however very pleasant to visit and they get the order right.

Michael M.

The guy running the drive through was grumpy as hell and my bacon king burger was missing cheese between the patties. What kind of burger heathen doesn't put cheese between two patties!?

Lawrence Knowles

this place is a complete disaster. stay away at all costs.


This place has always been a good place, the manager is a super customer pleaser. If something is wrong he makes it right, always has within his power and authority. Gotta figure in a rough Covid19 time, everyone is still picking themselves up and no one has immunity to what and is still happening. Glad they survived.

Morgan Clifford

We never got our card handed back to us or our receipt when we got our food. We didn’t realize until we stopped for gas on our way home because we live in Maine. I called them and a guy answered claiming to know nothing about it. Then we called 20 minutes later and the women claimed that it has just been her and another women working all day. She also claimed that we new someone and we were trying to get them in trouble. We checked my dads transactions and it says that someone went to Wendy’s with it.

bonnie freelove

If I could honestly put zero I absolutely would. The customer service here is atrocious. Sometimes I'm lucky and there's a gentleman that works there who is absolutely outstanding but today there was a woman who obviously gives not a care about customer service. When I pointed out that I had giving her 20 she gave me an even bigger attitude and took the money out of the drawer and put it in my hand. No apology for the mistake no nothing. From now on I will go out of my way to go to the one in Londonderry instead of coming here

Jackson Baker

If you value your taste buds, go to the Macdonald’s down the street.

Harry Manback

Worst Burger King in the friggin' world... Should be called The Burger Jester... It's a royal joke.

Kristen Masson Masson

Grabbing a quick bite at the Derry location. Cashier in drive-thru offers me my coin change in a plastic container held up so high I couldn't reach it. I asked, "am I supposed to reach in there? " I'm told "yes" rather than tipping the already too high container to allow the change to fall into my hand (all coins), this employee is no help whatsoever. Add to that it's the RESTAURANT'S responsibility to sanitize surfaces after each transaction and they are forcing customers to share germs during a pandemic requiring we all reach into same container. I'm done giving them my business.

chris cox

Went to get lunch. Order came to over $11 but you can't even get a glass of water. You have to buy a bottle now. No catsup and fries were half empty. Not impressed. Really gone down hill. Can't even find contact info.

Joey Gatlin

just went in for me and 2 coworkers' lunch... ordered 3 simple meals....was missing an order. went back. was handed the same cold food they forgot to give me 15 mins prior. oh, also ordered 3 lg fries and got 3 lg fry containers that were all more then halfway empty so basically 3 smalls. girl at the drive thru window was very sweet and apologetic about it so thats a plus for her but overall the experience and food were all trash. do not recommend. would give 0 stars if that was an option. and im not ever the type to complain or leave a review... but that just how empirically bad this place was. insane wait for half the food i paid for and it comes out cold ... staff is confused and oblivious on the phone... just an all around bad look... BK should remove this franchisee or get better management in there

Pamela Haken

Like the new veggie burger. They need sweet potatoe fries though.

Armie Smith

Our burgers were made wrong, asked (and paid for) cheese, and asked for no tomatoes but got tomatoes. We also ordered our new favorite the jalapeño cheesy poppers. They were so overcooked that the cheese was dry and hard. We've learned a lesson: check the food before we leave.

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