Han Dynasty

404 NJ-70 E, Cherry Hill
(856) 428-0088

Recent Reviews

Jeanine Culligan

Very friendly staff. Food is always hot and delicious.


I have NEVER been disappointed with the food here! In fact, I think this location is better than the Philly locations. I usually get beef lo mein number 7 spiciness. It always comes out amazing! The beef from the Marlton location has a smokey flavor to it that is missing from the Philly locations.

Randy Belin

I'm a first time. The food and service was good. I will most likely return to try more menu options.

Jongbok Yi

It is my favorite Chinese restaurant. I asked Mafo tofu without meat, and still it was delicious. My son ordered a chicken dish and told me that chicken melted in his mouth. Other dishes such as dandan noodle, and so forth are also very good.


This place is good for NJ suburbs version of Sichuan and glad to have a Chinese place around. Having spent some time in Sichuan I often get cravings for ma la. Got the eggplant, dry fried green beans, cold chili cucumbers, chili wontons, kung pao chicken and Dan Dan mian. These are all real Sichuan dishes. One thing that was missing was Sichuan peppercorns. Most dishes had the dried red chili peppers (lajiao) and plenty (sometimes too much) garlic, but no spicy numbing (when your tongue tingles)! This is like the essence of Sichuan cuisine. Next time I’ll call and ask if they have any huajiao for us 華僑 :)

South Jersey

Very good selection. You can regulate your heat factor. Our order was fast to the table.

Brendan O'Donnell

Great food and great service, food is always ready to go whenever I get there! The dan dan noodles one of my favorites from here

Benjamin Jones Loomis

Wow. I can’t give enough stars to this place. Do yourself a favor and try this out. Don’t go into it with your understanding of regular “Asian-American-Fast food” place and order your usual Shrimp lo mein. Go in with blank expectations and order away. The food is amazing and everyone should try it out.

Liz Yuan

Fantastic Sichuan cuisine! We ordered a bunch of dishes and everything was delicious. Would definitely go back!


When you walk in, every employee is masked & all customers were socially distanced with the seating. The staff are amazing and extremely attentive. The food was extremely flavorful!And for the price you pay, they give you a HUGE quantity!I ended up getting the Dan Dan noodles with the wontons in chili oil and I recommend you to get it!

Liz Holgado

My first time to eat here and no wonder their review was great. Food was excellent. Definitely I'll come back to taste the other dishes they have

Jayesh Dave

Great food, the owner and manager is very nice. Just make sure your orders are accurate when placing them and confirm when getting your food.

Haseeb Mohammed

Just as good as the main ones in Philly. Staff was super friendly and accommodating. If you haven't been here before def recommend the dry pot style if you like spicy or garlic style if you don't like spicy

Chelsea R.

Very accommodating restaurant! We reserved space in the back to have my sister's 21st birthday and allowed us to have cake and candles. The food here is always exceptional, my favorites being Dan Dan Noodles, Wontons in Chili Oil, and Dry Pot Beef. This place is awesome and great for large groups! 5/5 stars

Teddy G.

Truly exceptional Szechuan Chinese food! Garlic sauce style is my favorite, with shrimp or tofu. The menu also has many traditional dishes (kidney, intestines) that are not often on restaurant menus in the US, though I haven't tried them so I can't speak to quality. Currently has highly spaced out indoor dining.

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