Panera Bread

1240 NJ-33, Hamilton
(609) 438-4000

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Victoria Smith

Love the Broccoli and cheddar soup. The Asian crunch salad with chicken is good. I tried the Mexican corn chowder soup was ok to me. The new chicken sandwich spicy take is good. Try them!

A charter

Nice going through the drive thru for the first time. Staff reconfirmed my order twice and was pleasant. The food was good as usual. I had a bacon Turkey bravo, chips and coffee. I love their coffee. The staff did ask if I wanted cream and sugar and I said yes, 5 and 5. I guess they never got that response because he didn't understand and I had to spell it out. Five cream and five sugar.

K. Edwards

I like this Panera! They're always nice and my order is always correct and fresh ??‍♀️

Lawrence Sanchez

No counter people, the system is kind of confusing especially if you have never been there before. The price is a little high for what they give u.

Tee Diamond

Always fresh hot food. Speedy service and welcoming staff. My favorite is the mac and cheese.

dani a

I've never given anything 1 star - if I could give less I would! The first time it was a month after Panera opened at the Hamilton Square location - I thought ok - growing pains... nope it's incompetence! My FIrst time there the sandwich I ordered was not what I received; they told me that wasn't the name Mediterranean Sandwich ... hmmm I always get this at the Market Place location (which rocks!) they told me that's a custom sandwich! ok whatever! Note to self!Now it's today - a busy rainy Monday and I wanted my free coffee and a bagel simple enough; No, 10 minutes in an unbusy (1 car in front of me) drive-thru to recieve a warm cup of weak coffee - but wait it gets better! The bagel I ordred - a multi grain - not toasted - just warmed with cream cheese... not complicated I thought! It was micro waved - I saw this with my own eyes! The bagel was cut in half bouncing around a paper bag with napkins! - Thrown in - NOT IN A WRAPPER! with a small do it yourself cream cheese container! REALLY! That's a violation of at least a half dozen health codes right there! SO MUCH FOR EATTING CLEAN!

S Strath

First off $8. Plus for 2 bagels is entirely too much. I only went here bc I had a gift card and I could get curbside pick up. I check in that I was there and sat and waited and waited and waited. I finally went in to see 2 employees chatting with the 1, sole customer in the store as my order sat, ready at the counter. Totally defeated the purpose of not wanting to get out of my warm car. While breads are good here, bagels are not bagels. They're bagel shaped bread essentially. Not impressed.

Allan Altamirano

They make fun of you when you're ordering, You can hear them in the background at the drive thru. Then they didn't add chicken to my chicken salad. I had to go back and get chicken on my salad. That's messed up, who knows what they're doing to your food. Someone should help them get their act together.

Haima Khaled

This store isn’t up to Panera’s Standards! Recipes aren’t followed precisely because food doesn’t taste the same like other stores.

Malîa Arîstone

Ordered a Roasted Turkey BLT sandwich and they marked it on the wrapper but when i opened it, it was a avacado chicken sandwich. They also forgot to give me my cheddar broccoli soup. I ordered to go. Make sure you check your bags before you leave, people.

Terri McNichol

Great team! Go the extra mile of good service.


We stopped by the restaurant a little after 7:00 pm for dinner after ordering on the app. We were greeted by a sign inside the door saying the dining room was closed. Too chilly and windy to eat outside, so we ended up taking dinner home. That worked out ok as they did not include the requested butter for our bread and the soup could have been hotter. Once we got home and opened the bag, we discovered, the turkey sandwich was ice cold (apparently was pulled from a refrigerator and the half salad was actually not even a quarter salad. The plastic container barely had the bottom covered. For $7+ for a half salad that I have to take home and eat I would have expected more salad. The staff was mostly standing around looking like they'd rather be some place else. Give the numerous choices of dining establishments in this area, you can easily find better food, service and prices elsewhere.

Satish Shikhare

Order ahead and enjoy. The roads to this place are near schools, so traffic does back up around This place.

Rajshree Venkatraman

Love Panera!The staff were customer friendly. The place is clean and welcoming

Dee Agos

Orders are not correct and take too long even with the app.

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