Moes Southwest Grill

4120 Quakerbridge Rd #5, Lawrence
(609) 275-5555

Recent Reviews

Daniela Granada

The customer service here is abysmal, and they constantly forget items in our order - don’t ever pay for a side of queso, because they will always forget and they won’t offer a refund on it.

Raj Mogali

I usually likes Moes in NY but this place is a rip off for Tacos. I bought 3 veggie tacos with Guacamole and it cost me $15 , It’s twice the chipotle price and the worst is I was charged $1 extra for each taco in 3 taco order . It’s ridiculous compared to chipotle.


Poor burrito wrapping. Immediately taken out of the foil it completely fell apart


They make your burrito in front of you.. you just tell them what you want

Shelsea Deravil

Nice small area. Recently visited for the first time. It was pretty busy when I arrived. The drink area looked decent in appearance.The food, however, is just as good as Qdoba. What's better is that Moe's allows you to pour out your own sauces-- and they're the specially-made sauces. Not the regular Tabasco or salt shakers on the side. I prefer Moe's.

Laura and Chris Harmon

Advantage over Chipotle is the price, but my stomach was upset after finishing the meal! I guess you really do get what you pay for.

Amy P.

I love this place ! The staff is very nice && the area is very clean. The prices are decent for the amount of food that you get and it's all pretty healthy ! I love the different varieties including the delicious mushrooms & the quest beats chipotle. This is such a good weekly treat.

Alex Roshko

Very good food quality, but smallest portion sizes I have ever seen at a Moe’s.

Stephanie Mahon DeCavalcante

LOVE the homewrecker & orange Hi-C ?

Linda Buckelew

Friendly staff. Good food!

Gabe Dudin

Food was dead and delicious. Staff was friendly and greeted at the door. Addressed any questions and concerns I had.5/5 ?

Angel Maldonado

Customer service here is always outstanding. One of the best and only Moes I go to. Extremely clean and very well ran and taken care of.

Chris Lingling

I don't understand why a business would offer curbside takeout, specify that I should take the pickup at their drive thru window, and then make me wait 20 minutes sitting there without even checking their window.I had to call in on the phone to be asked to come in to pick up, to wait in line. I dont get it.Update: I waited an hour for my burrito (stone cold) which was sitting on a counter (bagged) next to the divider door to the take out window. Poorly managed store, though the employees were doing their best. Pretty bad experience.

Amanda McDonough

I am usually a huge Moes fan, this location left something to be desired. Upon walking in, the trash was piled high at the trash cans right near the door. Many of the tables were dirty which was concerning given the need to increased cleaning right now with COVID. Portions were also very small and left something to be desired.

Shara Sincoff

Excellent outdoor seating considering no indoor seating is allowed.

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