367 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
(973) 893-5220

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Joshua Benavides

Very attentive staff and the food was really good! Would recommend the chorizo and pollo asada tacos!

Omar Elbaga

Omg. I have no idea when they opened but seems like they came out of nowhere. I’m a big fan of tacos and burritos. And this is one of THE best places with the tastiest in Jersey. It’s so hard to find good burritos out here. If you go out to Cali you will immediately taste the difference in quality between tacos/burritos from the east coast and the west coast. They know what they’re doing out in Cali. This burrito was fire though! Tasted nothing like the mediocre burritos you find around the area. The steak was tender, the rice blended perfectly with the beans creating the perfect flare of moistness. The sauces they had on the side were also super unique and went perfectly with the food. So glad this is right in Montclair! If you are in the mood for tacos or burritos forget anywhere else. This is the spot.

Erik B.

Nice spot for some tacos, ordered from here multiple times and I've never been disappointed. The different types of tacos they have are all so great that you shouldn't just order one, get them all.

Melissa R.

Quick parking in the area in a weekday afternoon. Fast service for decent quick food, we had the pollo asado burritos with guac and chips on the side. Guac could've use some salt but overall decent food and burritos, towards the end of my burrito there was a ton of beans only. 2 burritos, 2 drinks and chips & guac for about $30. We love the ambiance but don't love the seating in the back with wasn't too comfortable as the adjustable stool style chairs keeps wiggling therefore you'd have to keep a balance/ hold yourself upright which was uncomfortable to me but decor and all are great. In the front by the drinks is a diy salsa bar where you can take containers of salsa with your meal. Horchata is one of my fave drinks here but all the cooler drinks are yummy; limonada and guava Basil

Scott G.

This hurts, because the staff were so kind and welcoming, but as an Elite member I have no choice but to tell it like it is. The tacos, as in the name "Taco"ria were abysmal. Very little meat or chicken in the three I tried, and the small fragments were fairly dry and meaningless. The side of guacamole was tasty enough but lacked a nice chunky texture, no doubt because it had spent too much time in a blender. The street corn that I had no intention of ordering was far and away the high point of an otherwise forgettable meal. A little heat and a little sweet, it was worthy of breaking out the dental floss. Unfortunately if not for the delightful corn, this little joint would have earned only one lone star. Adios, Tacoria. I shall not be returning, except perhaps when the urge for some solid corn returns.

Lena F.

Omg, the food here was delicious. The chips were fresh, and super crunchy, but the many toppings enhanced the nachos supremely. Not only that but the burrito was perfectly crunchy and soft at the same time. The horchata was also very delicious. Additionally, the staff were extremely friendly and attentive. Best of all, they made all of our food within ten minutes. The place was also very aesthetic, which just made the experience even better. We will definitely come here again.

Gabriel Levin

Had golden avocado burrito bowl and street corn. Burrito bowl was fantastic, corn would have been better without crema and more cojita cheese.

Albiond Marku

Food comes out super fast, but man is it good. A little pricey but the food is so darn good I keep coming back for more.

Tonya A.

Really frustrating delivery process especially if you have any allergies. I tried delivery on 2 different apps and none let you put something on the side or say "no" to more than one ingredient. (Dairy allergy - cant say no to both crema and cheese) If you call, they can't help and just tell you that you have to order online for delivery and they wont take orders on the phone.


This Restaurant was a cozy and simple place with very limited tables inside to sit and eat, but we were lucky and found a table for four right away. If you are looking for a quick Mexican bite, look no further. Just come here – to eat-in or pick-up the food – without any hesitation. I am saying this, because honestly, we actually did hesitate when we were in the entrance foyer which was not appealing to us at all. But, we were starving, and not being familiar with the area eateries, we decided to stay, and did not regret that decision one bit. Once we started interacting with the employees, we found that everyone there was friendly, helpful and very polite. And the food was absolutely delicious. The ingredients were obviously fresh, and every one of our dishes was flavorful. Between the four of us we ordered the Vegan Burrito Box, the Spicy Pulled Chicken Burrito Tinga, Pulled Chicken Tinga Nachos Pie, and a Cheese Quesadilla with a side order of Street Corn and Chips with Pico de Gallo. Wow! Every dish was surprisingly tasty, grilled or fried to perfection and teased our taste buds. The place was very clean and sanitized, and the décor was funky and interesting – among the unique décor our favorites were the walls of painted books and the multi-colored hearts. There is a paid private parking behind the restaurant, but fortunately, we found street parking outside on Willow Street right next to the place. We will return if we find ourselves in the area again.

Anthony S.

Thanks for the quick service and good tacos! Had the Brussels sprout taco, and the carne Asada tacos. Excellent choice - will visit the other location in Paramus. Thanks friends.

Filip Ilioski

One of the better burritos I have eaten. The cooks are fast usually and the place is clean. Their fountain drinks are good too

Paul Despacito

lazy staff who deflects all customer problems on to 3rd party distributors. as someone who uses these 3rd parties for their own business I know the issues they do bring but I also know its not always their fault. If an order is packed wrong with the wrong items it IS NOT the responsibility of the driver to check that. to be told to call Uber Eats because the quesadilla I ordered was a 1/4 filled burrito pressed to be a quesadilla, is offensive and is a clear show of the lack of care this staff shows. the staff member on the phone even admitted that's not how the quesadilla is typically made and still directed to Uber Eats to solve my issue. seems like it was clearly a member of the staff making the wrong item and being too lazy to make it again because store was about to close. obvious that an owner is never present. gave this place so many chances and honestly hate that ill never order from here again, but they do not know how to treat customers.

Sal M.

What a great place. The customer service may be the best I've ever seen. Had a gift card that wasn't working and Jeff worked with me to get the issue resolved. The burrito was delicious and filling. My new go to here. I'll be returning customer for sure.

Chinmay Nerurkar

Cozy little taco place located conveniently in Downtown Montclair. Great for a quick bite with a selection of delicious tacos, including beyond meat and vegetarian options.

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