Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet

293 Ferry St, Newark
(973) 589-1108

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Meredith lawson

Found roaches on the table where the food was at. Disgusting! One of the workers just came by and killed it with a rag like it was nothing. He reacted like it wasn’t new to him. I had not sat down to eat, I went over and asked for a refund right away, which they gave me with no hesitation. They need to treat this place thoroughly before reopening. BEWARE!

Jennifer G.

The food kept rolling out . Nice and hot ! Service is great. Everyone is nice the food was yummy and favorable

Ward Pittman

We were in the area, noticed a new restaurant, and decided to go in to eat. Being the neighborhood we were in (mostly Portuguese/Spanish restaurants) we did not think that we were walking into a Chinese buffet. We do not regret and are happy that we did go in! The food in the buffet was very good, as so was the amount of choices. The price which we paid was also great; under $20- for two people! Will most definitely return.

Arleth Espinoza

Food is good, but it’s warm.By the time you get to your table you’re eating a cold meal . It would help if they occasionally stir it. :/Usually the servers are attentive however at times they seem to be in their own head

T smith

I would prefer Hibachi Supreme buffet over this one,the food here was cold,and Hibachi had more items and a lot of variety. Service was good.

Tamika Means

Always good! But it's just a ratchet place, you would think they would have some type of different way of serving the food with this darn covid going around but no they don't. That's why I bring my alcohol wipes and call it the day..


Oh my God everything was great and I mean everything

Debra Holland

They have the best seafood I have ever eaten and they have the best seafood combos.try them I bet you will keep ccoming back .

Kay Ong

This place is an affordable buffet that won't break the back and has a huge variety of fried and unhealthy options.I usually rate items one by one, but as a buffet, I can only write so much. I can start by saying its ok, not great, don't expect five stars, its a chinese style buffet doesn't really cook its own food, mostly frozen and premade, its very obvious.For some reason, I love the chicken nuggets! xoxo, it tasted like McD's. Its like they saw the back of the McD's delivery trurk open and literally stole a bag of chicken nuggets.The Chinese items had a standard taste, oily and yummy, nothing wild, lots of msg. Not as good as your corner store Chinese take out.The sushi rice was extremely hard and lacks fish, very little fish. The cooked fish was terrible as well. The Mac'n'Cheese was just watery.The American items were plentiful, pizza, fries, nuggets, etc. the most unhealthy fried items seem popular here. I understand it depends on demographics. So I assume fried food in this area is it hit.I would prefer more Chinese orited efoods, but its an ok place to eat. Becuase it is affordable, I would say Ill come back when I have no where else to go or eat~

Tommy B.

If this was a regular restaurant I would have ranked it less than four stars. However, for an all you can eat Chinese/Asian food restaurant this place is a pretty good value. I have found most of their food to be pretty decent and you certainly can't beat the price.

Ella C.

I wish I could give it a negative star. Where do I begin, the staff is rude. Poor food selection even at dinner time. The food is nasty. Only thing that was half way decent was the hibachi. My bf went to The bathroom he said the floor was sticky and covered wit pee. It smelled of pee sooo bad. Like it hasn't been cleaned in a while. It was so horrible we ate one plate and left. I pulled off got about 5 blocks away I had to pull over my bf started to throw up I was gagging and my stomach was turning. Btw I'm 8 months pregnant. The food didn't even digest yet and we got sick. Smh terrible. Never again.

Ada hunter

I enjoyed the food every thing was clean we had plastic gloves to handle the food and hand sanitizer to use I really liked that protocol and the worker's are just great..

Joshcelynne Henderson

Always packed, a little wait time they will call you when they have a table ready. No area for waiting and steadily have groups of people surrounding entrance to be seated. Overall food is good, but again it's always over crowded

Luis G.

Exceptional customer service and the food is delicious ?

sasori obinna mii

It's was OK and eatable but not great or enriching. It's not worth a 20 mins drive if your desperate for Chinese food. The variety of choices is passable if you're looking for the typical Chinese food taste within the various sauce chickens but the food is generic and boring after the first plate. The staff were great and the whole experience was predictable and formulaic. Its definitely not worth paying $17 for buffet and watery syrup soda.

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Flaming Grill & Supreme Buffet

293 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105
(973) 589-1108