Krug's Tavern

118 Wilson Ave, Newark
(973) 465-9795

Recent Reviews

Andrea Rios

The food here is really good. It's actually better than the usual bar food you would expect. Great staff as well!

Angel Espana

Great food been comin here for over 20 yrs and bring my kids here now kitchen hasnt changed

Ellie G.

I heard that Krug's Tavern was for dinner. The restaurant is trendy, and I can see why it has so many reviews. I ordered buffalo shower and fried calamari were so good and taste really delicious. My food portion was huge and had a lot of delicious flavors. The service was as great as the food. I found the breakfast prices reasonable. It was definitely worth stopping by.

Scott W.

Visited with high hopes. Burger was good..just took 30 mins 2 of the 3 bartenders had great attitude. But one..did not and ruined the experience. I saw they had full liquor so after my meal..the one with the attitude asked if I wanted another beer..when I asked for a cocktail..she just grinned...first somewhat of a smile all evening...and abruptly said no. We don't have.. and walked off..only to swing by again and ask if I wanted another beer. Sorry. Too many other good bars with food to explore.

Saqui R.

Took a couple of customers out on Friday. The Burger is not my favorite. This is my second time and I tried just a plain Cheeseburger to get the pure taste. I believe they should season their burgers. And if they are, they are not seasoning them enough. This trip I tried the Wings for the first time. I had the Buffalo secret sauce wings. WoW!!!! That's a pure 5! They were so good, I ended up taking an order home. I just ate them today Sunday and they were just as amazing. Definitely a great spot for lunch. You will not be disappointed

Julius Spada

Another wonderful bar with good food, cold beers, and wonderful bartenders. The perfect place to spend an hour or two.

Tasty C.

I'm not a big "meat" eater so I didn't really like the burgers here. The burgers are huge! However, my friends found the food delicious. Drinks are great!

Ward Pittman

We've stopped at Krug's Tavern, located in the '..Ironbound..' section of Newark) several times over the years. Krug's is a local neighborhood tavern...and makes absolutely no pretense at being anything else, providing good, basic ' food..' to it's customer's at modest / moderate prices. Their claim-to-fame though are their burgers--thick, juicy, DELICIOUS !! and about the same size and weight as your average city manhole cover (an exaggeration...but not by much). The clientele here is a mix of neighborhood '..regulars..', local business people for lunch and visitors like ourselves...just come for what is quite likely the BEST BURGER east of the Mississippi (and probably beyond).

Itz “Jenn” _Jenny the fnaf lover

That was an amazing burger and even the fries are awesome. You will not be disappointed. I personally didnt have the cheesesteak but someone I was with did and it looked like something I will def go back for.

John Pernas

Went with my son today. Now I can't wait to bring my wife. An outstanding burger, a cold beer, all served by friendly staff. What more can you ask for? You can be sure that I'll be eating there many times in the future.

Brooklyn Bulle

Very crowded when I went. Judging from some of the conversations I overheard, alot of customers were long time customers. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was chill. Long wait for everything including the check ? I wasn't bothered by the wait as the food was fresh and it was packed.

Rich Benedetti

If you seek out truly delicious burgers, add this destination to your list. The presentation is devoid of frills and gimmicks, while the patty's juiciness and flavor has you making a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy the perfectly cooked 12 ounce masterpiece. Rock and roll plays throughout the bar while sports fill the television screens, with a friendly and accommodating staff tending to your needs. I'm looking forward to my return and would highly recommend a visit.

Melissa Mccann

My girlfriend heard reviews about this place and we went to eat haven’t stopped going there since!!!

Robert S.

You won't find a better or tastier burger anywhere. Long waits are well worth it. Service is severely lacking but you don't go there to make friends with the wait staff. You go for the best burger in Jersey. You need to try Krugs

George B.

Best Burgers in Newark!! Service was extremely efficient and pleasant. I highly recommend Krugs if you're looking for an exceptional burger.

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