Baan Khun Restaurant

39 Broad St, Red Bank
(732) 366-9733

Recent Reviews

Peter Morgan

The food was so delicious. Easily the best Thai food I've had in many years.

Monica Ray.

The rating is not for the food but for the customer service. We live in Manhattan but were in Red Bank to pick up elderly parents/in-laws from their assisted living facility and treat them to a nice meal. So, as would happen with a long drive, we were running late with Manhattan traffic and then with picking them up. We got there at 5:56 instead of 5:45 pm. On a 90 degree day, the two restaurant employees refused to let us sit inside and switch the AC on because we were 'late' and they had thought we were no-shows. We explained why as our elderly relatives waited patiently standing with their walking sticks. The male employee said we should sit outside (in the heat) because they would not switch the AC on again as we were late. I'd like to point out that there was no one else in the restaurant. We left and had a nice dinner at a nearby bistro instead. When we walked back to our car past this restaurant, there was still no one in it.

Paul McAniff

Great place. Some dishes a bit pricey but the lunch specials are nicely priced (Tue - Fri only). Be aware that 8f there is a ? next to a dish on the menu, they mean it. Plenty of non-spicy to choose from too.

Stony Grunow

The garlic eggplant with vegetables had some of the freshest tasty vegetables I’ve had at a restaurant. They definitely use quality ingredients!

Shailee Patel

Cute little place with a wide range of east Asian food. Must visit if you're a Thai cuisine fan.

Sj Rosso

It's been a long time since I was in Thailand but the food here tastes quite authentic. Highly recommend the Red Curry Duck and Penang Curry. The Papaya salad for the fresh rolls wrapped in rice paper make for great starters. You can't go wrong here if you enjoy Thai food. It also helps to have very friendly service to add to the experience.

Camron S

This place is worth giving a shot. They serve large portions for fair rates. Constantly well organized and with good ambience. I highly recommend this place.

Alec Berger

I went here and was told I couldn’t dine in when their website said they would. Was told everyone was at the other restaurant for the grand opening and the janitor was there to cook while the main chef was at this other restaurant. When my girlfriend and I asked if we could eat there I was told we have no silverware. Terrible all around service, I cannot say for the food but definitely disappointed. Won’t be going back or to the new restaurant. All of my friends which are many will not be going to either place. I do not want the manager to ask me what they could do to make my experience better, your silly excuses and lack of wanting to grab the bag are all I need.

Charles Augello

Great Thai restaurant, delicious food, kind service, some of the best Pad Thai! The price seems fair for a restaurant in redbank. Good location, right in the heart of downtown redbank. Outdoor dining is a nice touch especially during the pandemic. I highly recommend!

David Moore

Finally found Asian restaurant with dine in. So happy. I eat here at least once a week. Never really had any problems, very deep menu. Ive never eaten same meal twice. Very good service . I wish they had beer on tap. Food is excellent and priced right.

Boris Kofman

Great place for an outdoor lunch or dinner in the heart of Red Bank. Food and service were fine!

E B.

We drove 30 minutes to try this Thai place as we heard good things about the restaurant. When placing an order for take out, I checked four times on the phone all our items (3 pad thais and 1 spring roll) were on the order, since the man missed 1 of them the first time he recounted the order.

Of course, after driving for an hour, we came home to realize one of the pad thais were missing. We called the restaurant to let them know about the mistake, and they offered no form of compensation or excuse for their mistake. We had to wind up cooking something ourselves.

As for the food itself, it is good but definitely not worth the price. Medium sized portions (smaller than other places that are cheaper nearby). Our "vegetable" pad thai had no vegetables except for green onions (not even bean sprouts). The taste of the noodles was authentic, however we were expecting much better from a place charging $19 for pad thai.

Ramesh Dharan

Had fresh spring rolls, tom ka Ghai soup, green curry with noodle and the pad Thai. Everything was fast, fresh and tasty. The dishes I asked to be made spicy had a good punch to them while still retaining their full flavor. The pad Thai in particular was delicious and had just the right texture; the green curry noodles were a close second.Can’t wait to return!

ryry n.

This was the best Thai food I have ever had. I recommend the fried spring rolls (they are vegan friendly) and the Chicken Fried rice with pineapple it's so good you must try it.

Kelley Jan

Fabulous Thai food. Probably the best in the area. Thrilled to have them here, a stones throw from my back yard.

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