Coffee & Cornbread Co®

38 Upper Montclair Plaza, Montclair
(201) 862-0600

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Terence Beebe

My wife and I have been wanting to try this place for a while and when we're in the area and was able to stop was so worth the wait! Monica (the owner) and her employee Jackie were so extremely nice and their customer service was absolutely amazing.Now for the food....we tried all vegan options and when I say this food was mind blowing, I mean it. Everything was extremely flavorful and we will definitely be going back again

Kim W.

I just picked up some food from the most amazing place. The food is fantastic, but what makes the place really shine are kind people. You CAN NOT replace great service, great people, KINDNESS. In a world where it can seem like there is less and less humanity, it feels great when a place like this treats you with compassion just because. If you're ever in New Jersey, check out Coffee and Cornbread!

Danesha Triplett

It was delicious. Can't wait to go back❤

Tarey Beckwith

Ordered both non vegan and vegan meals. My daughter ordered the chicken and waffles which she gave an 8 out of 10. I ordered the vegan sausage sandwich with just eggs on a pretzel bun it was good but the home fries were awful just very under seasoned and a little on the hard side. The prices are ridiculously high but then again everything is these day.

Brigette C

We order here quite often. I like that they read all special instructions and always on point with them. I ordered fries and eggs platter today(already ate all the eggs). Their platters comes with muffins as well. I'm glad my wife and I found this place. Food is great. I plan on trying some of their dairy free stuff, I know it's vegan but their rice milk pancakes is a must.

Joseph Januszkiewicz

Great chicken and waffles and great coffee. This place lives up to its name. A little pricey but the quality of the ingredients is apparent.

jj r

Update: The reply from this establishment tells you all you need to know. The parking lot was empty when we got there, maybe the cyclists just left. If it wasn’t your employees at the tent then you could of just said so. But alas.Still doesn’t explain the barricade at the door when we left. But I understand you’ll say anything to protect your business.I wrote this review for others to know the treatment we received at the time, and then received after the fact. If no one cares so be it. Not for you.Original Review ———I just came from this restaurant maybe about an hour ago, and I can’t believe the experience we had there. We were planning a nice brunch and were prepared to spend a lot of money here.First, we walk into the parking lot and see a huge tent, keep in mind we have never been here before so we ask the people at the tent is Coffee & Cornbread Co. was. They responded in a condescending tone, but told us that it was here. We get to the restaurant and although we had looked at the menu ahead of time, I wanted to check the menu there again to see if I wanted anything extra. The woman behind the counter was nice and told us to scan the barcode outside the door, which we went ahead to do. As soon as we stepped outside some woman from the back comes to the front and puts a barricade behind the door that we just left. Keep in mind we were standing right behind the door and not one word was said to us. So we just left.Can you imagine going to a restaurant and them shutting the door in your face? That happened here.The sad part is that you never know how someone else is feeling or what someone else is going through or how your actions would affect them. It takes zero seconds to be nice. Zero. As a business owner myself, I would never treat people the way we were treated in this place. It is also a shame to say it but in this world it has to be said: we wouldn’t have been treated this way if we were white. I’m sure this business has an explanation or whatever for the treatment they gave us, but there is no excuse for shutting the door in someone’s face.TLDR: Bad vibes at this place, support if you want, I won’t be recommending this place to anyone, but I would ask this: why go to a place where the people spread hate and are rude when you can support businesses that are positive and uplifting? I wish people could learn kindness and love instead of hate and attitude.

Kay G.

I really wanted to stay a patron of coffee and cornbread but considering they chose to not follow CDC guidelines and decisions, I chose to no longer to give them my business. "In an effort to exercise extra caution...."? EXTREME CAUTION... Yes, this is extreme. My regular group decided this morning that we will no longer be customers. Considering the difficulties staying in business these days, I doubt this business will prevail.

Sara R.

Coffee is rockin!!! n staff is super sweet. Seems pricey but keep in mind everything is made with quality ingredients

Natalie F.

My husband and I were in the area and looked up a place to take lunch to go. We chose Coffee & Cornbread. This is truly hidden, and a gem. I ordered sautéed shrimp and buttered grits with a side of cornbread. My husband ordered the chicken and waffles along with a Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich. Everything was phenomenal, even traveling with it. The cornbread muffins are out of control good. The employees are super friendly as well. It's curbside pickup only for now but this is such a great breakfast and lunch spot. I'm so happy to support this business!

Midnite Wolf

Really awesome place, I've been ordering through doordash more than a few times. Their french toast is mind blowing... most delicious I ever had. The cornbread, even the vegan cornbread, both shockingly delicious. I've had a few other dishes; they're all amazing! The only con to this location is the price of simple breakfast sandwiches. A bacon egg and cheese is almost $20 and to be frank, its not worth the price for the flavor. The eggs aren't seasoned very much, they taste like plain scrambled eggs - could use a little salt. And the bacon, whilst uncured and high quality, lacks a looot of flavor, its probably one of the more boring tasting strips of bacon. If you do get a simple breakfast sandwich you might feel the hole in your pocket a bit. But stick to their other items and you'll fall in love! Their cornbread with hot coffee is a match made in heaven.

Gladis Collins

my bf found you guys and ever since then this is our fav breakfast spot. I've tried most of the vegan food and its all amazing!!! The workers are really nice and friendly

Yomaira Cee

Food is fresh and tasty. Definitely a new breakfast spot. Only take-out during covid though.

Stephanie Snipes

The food here is delicious and of high quality. They are a bit pricey, but you feel good eating the food knowing that they pick the best ingredients.Have been very appreciative of their curbside service during the pandemic and with little ones. Highly recommend.

Zander Lawson

I like this place! They serve splendid food, their menu is large, The chief cook in that restaurant is very trained, I enjoy very much trying all their dishes. The dishes are consistently of high class, the service towards the customers is very good too. I go often to this place and I not even once was unhappy. I recommend it with no hesitation.

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