Blue Danube Restaurant

538 Adeline St, Trenton
(609) 393-6133

Recent Reviews

Susan Fisher

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Have been here many times and love the atmosphere, the staff and most of all the food. Never disappoints.

Kristina G

Very good food. The scallops were amazing

Terry Voorhees

It’s very hard to find a good European restaurant in our area. Believe me I have tried. Since the Old Heidelberg Restaurant and Black Forest in Allentown almost impossible. Blue Danube is the only one that even comes close. My friends and I love the food we usually go for lunch because of location love the sauerbraten and spatzle and apple strudel is the best. During covid they even delivered!

Martine Uveges

The chicken paprikas was superb and plentiful. Attentive and friendly service. Great old world ambience. Looking forward to coming back again.

Vic Fedorov

This place has fun food. Scouza (pasta cabbage bacon feta onions) potato pancakes, their pierogi's, it's very fulfilling and simple...a long lost era stares through the paintings..

Marilyn Carson

I feel like I am on vacation and had a wonderful dinner far away from my every day! Delicious food and great service!

Sam Israeli

amazing food amazing staff


Wonderful setting and menu. Homestyle eastern European cuisine along with upscale American classics. Delicious!

wayne rutherford

My favorite restaurant!!Best food ever.

Vince S.

3.5 stars to be exact, but I am a fan of the fact that they have survived not only the pandemic of Covid, but also the one of opioid addiction. This is by no means a ghetto, but also not the neighborhood of my grandmom who lived a few blocks away. I've been here before and have family members who go frequently. My uncle wanted to come for lunch even after I alerted him to the fact that they do not serve a special lunch menu. From what I recall the menu seems smaller than before Covid, but most of my interests were still available. I was here for spaetzel so I had to select an entree that included that. This eliminated my usual goulash since that comes with egg noodles. My uncle had that and it looked good, but not red, brown. However there is paprika on all of the tables if you wanted to add more seasoning. I've had this here before too, that's why I wanted to try something different. After our nice house salads( containing cantaloupe, olives, tomatoes, romaine and other lettuce) my jaeger schnitzel arrived with the mushroom gravy in its own bowl. The veal was very thin and tender, different breading but I liked it. The mushroom gravy was good too, nice flavor and not overly salted, though asking for it on the side was a good idea. The spaetzel was excellent, but I'll admit this is one of my all time favorite pastas. The green beans almandine were good even though they seemed to have been cooked for hours. This has a definite old world charm that seems out of place considering the era and area it finds itself in. But that kind of makes it sweeter. It's surely nostalgia for me, and not the type of cooking or food that I generally seek out. But I'm glad it's still here and hope it will still be in a few years when I decide to revisit.

John Petsche

Excellent food and atmosphere. Highly recommend the Sauerbraten!

Frank M. Seiffert III

Always a great meal at BD. Worth our trip from South Jersey.

Jeff H.

An Old World restaurant is still going strong in South Trenton. Once I heard there were many restaurants like the Blue Danube in Trenton, but changing demographics and modern tastes have diminished these establishments in number. To me it reminds me of many a restaurant in Central Europe. And indeed the Blue Danube restaurant highlights the foods of countries where the Danube River flows such as Austria, Hungary, Serbia, and Romania. I was happy to eat there recently. First of all everyone is friendly at the Blue Danube. They just are. And the place looks totally Old World as soon as you cross its threshold. Of course table cloths and cloth napkins are the standard here. And paprika graces every table as a seasoning. Welcome to Central Europe! Meals are filling and varied. The bread is the first to arrive and that was followed by my soup which was a cream potato and tomato soup. Fine beginning. Next was an order of the well known Romanian sausage - Mitetei. It is housemade at the Blue Danube. A salad accompanied the course. And finally came the entree and the highlight of the dinner - a Hungarian Túrós Csusza. This dish was finely crafted from the noodles to the cheese to the smoked bacon to all the ingredients that go into this delicious creation. I am sure most of you would very much enjoy such a tasty concoction. My choice of veggie was a dish of red cabbage. I am glad that the Blue Danube in Trenton has survived to the 2020s so I could eat here. And I don't think I am alone in this sentiment.

Jim Rue

Great food. Cooked as you waited. I’m surprised each and every time that I’ve eaten here. Don’t pass this hidden gem when you’re out and about.

Galina Reznik

There website should state this place is reservation only. It was me and my son and they turned us away on a Friday at 6pm very disappointed

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