Marty's Place-Bar & Grill

1600 Hamilton Ave, Trenton
(609) 890-9631

Recent Reviews

Richard Metz

Great old school place. Friendly and helpful service. Great breakfast.

Michael Knicos

Hands down best bar food around and great atmosphere. Highly recommend checking this place outoutout

Marika Fernandez

Went for an early morning breakfast. Bartender Nick came over immediately even tho we were sitted at a table not in the bar area. But the cook Bill was Amazing! He brought out tiny desserts for us to try. He served us. He answered all our questions. I felt like since he helped serve, it was the first time that we ever tipped the cook! He definitely cares about pleasing his customers! Good job Bill, u are truly an asset to Martys!

Marika F.

Stopped in to try their breakfast. Got waited on pretty quickly by new bartender Nick. We sat up at a big table new the kitchen. We ordered a French toast to split and then the cook came out and I asked him what's BFO mean on the menu? He ( Bill ) said BIG F Omelet lol he was Very personable! He even gave us upon greeting us 2 tiny tiny mini eclairs that were delicious! I asked him IF he does poached eggs he said I'll make u Anything u want! So my husband and I split a BFO and check this out-u get to pick as many meats and vegetables in yr omelet that u want! For the same price of $ 11 00! Comes w 6 pieces of yr choose of cheese! He brings out 2 plates and its Allready split for us! And we Both got an order of toast! The omelette was delicious I just Didn't care for the tiny cubed potatoes bcz they were too well done like deep fried! Afterwards he bought us tiny little samples of homemade poundcake like pineapple upside down cake, caramel, and even a strawberry cheesecake flavor! Bill Really impressed me with his sharing of how he makes his stuffed cabbage since I'm Hungarian and told him how I make mine! I've been in the restaurant business for 40 years ( Retired on my bday 3/13/20 at the start of Covid ) but I have NEVER tipped a cook until today! Charles and I Can't wait to go back and have Bill make Us lunch!

Susan Williams

Tim the bartender is great! Drinks are well priced and they have anything you want. Take out available and ample off street parking. Who knew Smirnoff Ice was so refreshing?

Saladin Mckenzie

Great place great food, love it bar pies are always great, wings phenomenal and just friendly people and great atmosphere. (A Definite Recommendation)


They don’t take card but have a point of sale system they use as an ATM. DO NOT USE IT!!! They charged my card and said it didn’t work when it clearly took money out of my account.

Animal Cub

A good place for early morning chatter.

Mike DeJesus

Good food and great service. Marty is one great guy. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in a good home feeling bar

Mike De

Good food and great service. Marty is one great guy. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in a good home feeling bar

Simon Cooper

Always a nice friendly place. Great staff. Beer list a bit restricted in the post-COVID era, but you got to cut corners somewhere right now.

Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes

Not sure what the food is like BUT what I can say is that MARTY IS PRETTY COOL.I enjoyed my time there.First I wasn't sure about Marty me being black and all. Bug after our convo he's alright

Cozzy'La Create

It was cool there tonight was my first nite n ima go bk....

James Damms

Home away from home love that place and the people in it

Paul Inverso

Can't wait to go here without isolation.

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