Dragon House Restaurant

10200 Corrales Rd Suite E, Albuquerque
(505) 899-8889

Recent Reviews

George West

My first time at the restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed the food. I'll be back soon


Wish there was 10 stars or 100 best Chinese restaurant in the world everything there is soooooo good cant say enough good things would eat there everyday if I could

Nealy Guzman

Everything was so amazing at this Restaurant I got the Pork Egg Fu Young. Great portion size. The rice was also really great. Worth the wait. The music that they were playing suiting the restaurant and was quite enjoyable. Great service Great food. I'll be coming back.

Brandon G.

Don't eat here. This is prefabricated food, microwaved (the second star comes from the fact that the food was steaming hot, like it is out of a plastic bag from a microwave). The chicken is some sort of chicken nugget (obviously frozen), smothered in the oddest tasting sugar sauce. Soggy. Disgusting. The rice is instant rice! Look at the grains... my god. This is someone business model, not Chinese food.

Orange Turtle

All the food is fresh. I like that they have small fried rice entrees. Just make sure your ticket is correct cause we were giving the wrong one.

Daniel Madalena

I've eaten here since its opened and the service and portion sized have declined significantly. The cost is to high for the amount of food being served. I do not recommend

Gordon Keyler

Very nice and reasonably priced Chinese restaurant. Typical menu. Not spectacular but good.

Crumblesnatch Humperdink

Quite tasty! It's just a casual Chinese restaurant, but the food is delicious and comes in large portions.

Jessica O.

Dragon house is a traditional Chinese food restaurant with friendly staff and prompt service. Dine-in available, but most customers used the take-out option. Take advantage of the coupon at the bottom of the menu.

Jamie Dominguez

Food was great and service was fast. The food was piping hot!!

Jett K.

Thoughtful, pleasant staff. Restaurant spic and span. Staff adheres to pandemic precautions. Vegetables and shrimp cooked just right. Prices reasonable.

Paul OrtizyPino

It was like eating at a restaurant with zero personality. Not much flavor, and the waitress was blah. Price was decent.

Darin Reese

Best Chinese food on the westside for sure. Been trying to find a good Chinese food spot for awhile now. Look no further. Food was fresh and service was also great.

Erwin Sice

I'm happy the dragon opened to the public. Fantastic service.

Vin R.

Very good food. You can just tell the potstickers were made with love. I wouldn't want to eat inside but it's great for take out.

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