Monte Carlo Liquors & Steak House

3916 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque
(505) 836-9886

Recent Reviews

Edward Muniz

Great food , good service.

Lisa Mancha

Food wasn't good. Very disappointing, I used to love this place. Server was really rude. Didn't care to get our order right.

EG Gum

Great atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable staff. Best steaks in Albuquerque.


This place came recommended from the motel we stayed at just a bit down the street. The wait was 45 minutes, but we didn't mind. We were looking forward to eating a real meal that was not served in a paper bag. I was not sure what to get until I saw the Diner's, Drive In's and Dives logo on two of menu items. I opted for the Louis Special. Sort of a glorified cheesesteak, but damn it was good. My son loved his steak and salad. The place was super busy, but the service was excellent. The price was almost unreal for a place not only featured on DDD, but also part of the whole Route 66 thing. The vibe and decor was everything I would expect and enjoy out of a place located on Route 66. I would for sure eat there again.

Jennifer Holman

For the most part the food was tasty. But unfortunately the perfectly cooked and seasoned steaks were literally cold. I put butter from my potato on my steak and it didn't even melt. That's cold. The fries were over cooked (oil tasted a little old too). Battered shrimp were cooked well, but under seasoned. It took a long time to get our food, and wasn't worth waiting another 45 mins to have them remake both our steaks.Seemed as though there could be newbies in the kitchen and execution/expediting issues. Wait staff was personable.

Ron Morris

Wanted to go to a steak house and "saw a article" about this place. . We said, Why Not. . . Absolutely will go here again. Had prime rib and baked potato and for dessert I had a apple pie. . .we got there and there was a 45 minute wait so we sat at the bar. Michael took great care of us and we ending up eating at the bar. Food was Great. .Customer Service. .Excellent. When I return to ABQ, I will be back!

Evonne H.

So, like most people who come to the Monte Carlo Steak House; it's from referrals of Guy Fierri and the locals. I never ate here and have lived in Albuquerque for 15 years now. I went to check it out and I am so happy I did. It was so nice to be in an old style steak house. Nothing too fancy, delicious steak, baked potato, side salad and even that old fashioned basket of crackers for soup and salad. It was a great blast from the past with the memory of one of the best steaks I have had. I highly recommend this place. Just be prepared for the wait. They take your number and you to wait in your car. Limited seating in the restaurant but it's worth it.


Three of us ordered rib eye steaks and one ordered prime rib dinner. My wife and I both commented that the steaks were no better than the ones we purchase at Costco and grill ourselves. The ambience is definitely old Route 66 and enjoyable.

Christian Kloppenburg

Best steak (1/2 lb sirloin), best Margarita (Monte Rita), best salad (Greek with homemade zesty Greek dressing), best Tequila Sunrise, best Texas Toast garlic bread, best atmosphere (classic memorabilia dating back to the 50s), best value, best endorsement (Guy Fieri). This place is the best, hands down.

Amy M.

We spent a few nights in Albuquerque and wanted a steak, found this place from good reviews on Yelp. Definitely recommend, portions are perfect, steaks were great. We had 3 different kinds of steak at our table and all were delicious. Also recommend the Onion rings and cheese sticks, best ever. Don't let the appearance discourage you, the ambience reminds me of an old casino restaurant, but the food is worth it.

Samantha G.

What can you say about this place besides AMAZING. The food to the staff to knowing this place is a staple in Albuquerque is the best. We came at prime time on a Friday night for my birthday last week. If you come pretty much most nights for dinner expect a wait, but it's WORTH it. This place does not have alot of tables to begin with so grab a beer and bang out. The family who's owned it and been there for years is fabulous. I've been coming in since I was a little girl with my grama and her best friend! I've always visited and spoke with Donna when I go in but Lou who is also a pleasure to work with let me know she's gone! There was a younger guy working the front desk in a jersey who helped us most the night and worked so hard to make sure we got in our party of 6! I always get a steak here, what else. Haha. The ranch here I love too, ranch geek here. Haha. You can't go wrong with a quality peice of meat from here for a good price. They have raised the prices in recent years but still not steep! Can't wait to be back! Thanks guys!

C. Thoma. (Guardian Demon13)

If it wasn't for the insanely good food I would call Monte Carlo's a dive joint. I mean come on, they have a Velvet Elvis portrait and hoods from drag cars hanging from the ceiling. Awesomeness incarnate. The steaks were perfect, the owner eccentric and the selection of alcohol nextdoor at the liquor store ( pass thru in restaurant) is oddly intriguing. Recommending this to everyone I know!

Steven Thompson

Excellent steak. Fast and friendly staff. Highly recommend

Jason L

This is a great steakhouse. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere of the restaurant is really a lot of fun, with decorations of Elvis and Marylin Monroe it makes you feel like you are in a Tarantino movie.There was a bit of a wait, but it's really worth it. The service was friendly and attentive! Probably the best steakhouse in Albuquerque.

Amy M

Food was fantastic!Steak was cooked medium rare just how I like it. Baked potato was okay, meat was the main course which was delish.Margarita was strong yet not too much. The server we had, Sharon was on it. She touched in periodically never went without. She was wonderful.Go ahead and put your name on wait list. There was an hour wait.

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