Stake Restaurant

483 Range Lake Rd Unit 2, Yellowknife
(867) 920-2971

Recent Reviews

Morgan Pierrot

Outstanding food. Ribeye. Peppercorn sauce, mashed potatoes and gravy. I will be back for more.

John Smith

3/5 mediocre steak.

Jennifer Skelton

We went for dinner last night for my partner's birthday - he wanted good steak. We both ordered the ribeye and they were honestly the worst steaks we've ever had at any restaurant ever. Not a good cut. Super chewy - full of tendon/cartilage - hard to cut. Extremely disappointing and not a great end to his birthday. Everything else was great - the kids meals - my son's steak from the kid's menu was great. We ordered two appetizers - the mussels and the shrimp - both were really good. The service was good. The desserts were good. But we went for steak and that was extremely disappointing. Unfortunately we just dealt with it and didn't send them back - we were already keeping the kids up late and didn't have time to wait. Our server was apologetic when we told her but it was too late.

Reigh-Leigh Foster DeBaie

Service was great. Burger was unique AND delicious. My four year old was welcomed

Leanne Clouthier

Great meal & service! We will absolutely visit again.

Justin Roberts

Ordered meat, was served meat. 10/10 would order meat again.

Dennis Althouse

Great steak at the Stake !

Mattew Picard

Overall, very good ! I recommend this place.

Leeland Kelly

We bought one of their boxes from the coop for dinner, it came in a recycle able box, all of their sauces and condiments came in recycle able plastic containers OR compost able containers. The meal was easy to make with excellent instructions, everything was very fresh, and most importantly it tasted amazing. We’re very impressed and we’re excited to eat there in person one day. Highly recommended.

Lyle Mupinga

Great food, great service, loved it

Harry Jacobs

food and service was above average

Mary Louise

Food was hot and yummy. Very friendly staff!

echo xin

Great service great food, chief made us his creative meal and we loved it!

Ioannis Labrakis

Amazing dinner and dessert. Slow service though eventhough we were the first customers. Very accommodating though with our toddler.

Kevin Niptanatiak

16 oz ribeye cooked medium rare with mushroom sauce. Was very tender and seared perfectly. Service was great, and the atmosphere was very relaxing.

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