Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint

1500 Old Hot Springs Rd, Carson City
(775) 884-4471

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Rick Jonah

The business name describes the experience.The food is mostly standard faire but every dish on the menu has a creative twist in which they take what is standard restaurant menu (e.g. hamburger, meatball sub, mac and cheese) and do a fantastic job of making it their own. You will recognize the items on the menu but what they bring to your table is unique to them.I would recommend them and if given the opportunity, we will eat there again.

Dorothy Crain

Awesome place! Food was good...with a big selection! And the service was very good. The buskers were very attentive. We never lacked for anything. We will be back!

Shelley Hendren

Delicious food. The superfraggacheesalicious bread is to die for! The service is always excellent. And on our last visit, we enjoyed live music from a very talented musician. I love this place!

Sara Moser

I am on extended work visit, and this is one place I've returned to several times. Good food, friendly service. Fun atmosphere!

Shelly Y.

Fun, eclectic, hip , fusionish latin/American and just plain culinary innovation!! All with live entertainment! The food was an amazingly perfect combination of flavours and fun presentation, we loved it! The night we were there was a great jazz musician but we heard the talent is a varied but excellent mix. Full bar. Enjoy!

Janet L.

We had our Friday night date here quite recently. The food is delicious; the service was excellent; and the live music added a wonderful ambience. We can't wait to take family, friends, and of course, ourselves back!

Maureen L.

I Love Sassafras! The blend of spices they use, the freshness and quality of their food and their presentation is exquisite! The staff is awesome, Ellen was our amazing server, very friendly and wasn't afraid to laugh with us! The bartender gave excellent suggestions and was also very friendly! Our experiences are always great at Sassafras, but tonight was exceptional, they take pride in their work and it shows!

J D.

One of my favorite places to eat in Carson! Such a cute fun place and their food is amazing! Love to go have a beer at Shoe Tree, maybe go to the hot springs next door for a bit and then have dinner at Sass. Great food and service.

Christine C.

Came here for a family celebration as it was a great mid point. Was extremely happy that they could finding a spot for the five of us on a Tuesday night right around 5 (the place was hopping!). We were familiar with the restaurant as it's right next to Shoe Tree Brewing but hadn't had the pleasure of dining there. We ordered the Nachos Borrachos as an appetizer and they were well layered and delicious! The rest of their menu lives up to their Eclectic name! There were lots of fun dishes to order! My mother ordered the bacon blue which she said hit the spot perfectly and my husband ordered the Peanut Butter Bacon Burger (don't knock it until you try it!). My adventurous (cough) son ordered a cheese pizza (which he commented that the crust was amazing and cooked perfectly crispy but not too crispy). Look forward to going back now that we know what fun eats are in Carson!

Kendall N.

5 stars for Kevin, our awesome waiter! We walked in mere seconds before a large party. Recognizing that they would be getting the most attention from the kitchen, he asked us what we'd like to drink and suggested a few beers for us to try. He quickly got us our drinks and guided us through our food choices. He even helped out one of our party who wanted a custom sandwich. I enjoyed my food thoroughly. I had the lamb burger and ordered a muffuletta pizza to share. The pizza was a real winner because the custom sandwich wasn't (see above) wasn't as expected (ground turkey versus sliced turkey breast but we didn't ask so bad on us). If you like the celebrated New Orleans classic, you'll love this pizza! The mac & cheese with shrimp was hard not to inhale. The REAL French fries were great - a true test of a restaurant is if they make theirs from scratch or buy bags of frozen stuff. We intentionally ordered a bit extra in order to bring home leftovers. The food was so good that we didn't bring home as much as we intended but we did have a nice snack later in the evening. I've been wanting to try this place for several years but rarely get to Carson. Now I have an excuse to come back more often. Truly, I loved it! There were so many options on the menu that I need to try.

Sabrina L.

Why oh why does this place have to be 25 miles from my house? We had the most amazing dinner here! At first when we arrived, we were told a 30 minute wait. We were fine with that. We started ordering at the bar when the hostess told me they had a small table if we didn't mind. There were 5 of us. The day before, at another restaurant, they tried to seat us at an extremely small square table which I kindly told them no way as there wouldn't be enough space to even put our plates down. So here I kindly asked if I could see the table they had before seating up. I walked up and told them absolutely they could seat us there. It was round and at least 25% bigger than that square table up at the lake. This table had plenty of space for us. We were seated right by thre stage where they had music going. He was great! Our service was exceptional. The food was out of this world. The 2 burgers were $12 each. They were at least 20% bigger than most burgers we've gotten at other places. So much cheaper, bigger and better than other places that sell their burgers between $14-$19 each. I got the chicken stir fry. I was savoring each bite, it was amazing. My daughter got the Japanese dish with chicken, can't remember the name but she said it was fantastic. It was big enough to split with my mom. I believe both my entree and my daughter's were around $17. I also got a lavender lemon drop that was made to perfection! Price $9, not bad compared to other places and the $13 rum runner I got at Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks before. We used the restroom and they were both clean. This will now be one of our go to place when coming to Carson City! It's also right next to the Hot Springs and Shoe Tree Brewery. So if there is a wait go check out those places. Thanks guys!

Diane O.

Just rediscovered Sassafras after several years. A varied menu that has something for everyone. I tried the beet salad and it was excellent. Can't wait to go back!

Jonah G.

The Praline bacon burger with roasted pecans was ABSOLUTELY a amazing burger that is big enough to split with someone. The only down side to this dish is that it took a very long time.

Monique R.

Holly is the best waitress! We ordered all we could lol evil eggs and boracho nachos were a great start. Burgers were all great including the lamb burger. Ahi tuna blt oh my. Dulce de leche Chipotle mud pie save room people! Brownie sundae was so moist. The menu is soo eclectic and yummy! Can't wait to go back plus the have live music yessssss

Jennifer T.

We shared the beet salad. AMAZING! My husband ordered fish and chips and I had the okonomiyake with steak and pork belly! So delicious! We shared the banana split and soo dang good! If you're in the area, you can't go wrong at all!! Friday night live entertainment was on point too! Tom Miller rocks!!

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