Crazy Pita Rotisserie & Grill

2225 Village Walk Dr #175, Henderson
(702) 896-7482

Recent Reviews

Jackie F

The chicken here is amazing, and so is everything else!

Zeek & Rene Restaurant Critics

The restaurant is very well-maintained and very clean, so inviting. They have indoor and outdoor seating patio, which is nice. Super fresh food and everything is served and cooked to order. We have ordered fresh Lamb pitas and they were so flavorful and delicious.The service is exceptional. The girls that work at the register are super friendly and we felt very welcomed. Great atmosphere!Great place for reasonably priced food.Great service and tasty fresh mediterranean food.Highly recommend it and definitely coming back.

Jessica Chandler

Long time customer of Crazy Pita for their food . Had to leave a review for the amazing customer service we received last visit. Didn’t catch her name but there is a blonde women who really makes your dining experience top notch for a quick meal !

Julie Pasamonte

Food delicious! Good portions for prices. 2 TVs if youre a sports fan! I havent had any bad service experiences and I've been there multiple times.

Jasmine “Jazzy” Jones

I’m new here to Vegas and I just love Mediterranean food. The service was so awesome!! I didn’t catch the cashier name but her customer service was BOMB.COM! She know how to treat her customers!!Food was good, Caesar Pita was delicious, and Steak bowl was also awesome. The cucumber salad was so good. I will be back thank you so so much !

B.A' Arnett

Excellent food, nice people. Highly recommended!

Mark N.

My family and I craved Mediterranean food and looking up places on yelp we encountered this place located by the hotel we were staying at. The place is small but has a lot of spacious seating. We ordered our food and immediately as we sat down the manager took notice. The operational manager came out with our babagounoush and hummus with our pita bread. She chatted it up with us and we related both coming from Michigan. My daughter was really loving the hummus so she kept making sure we had pita and also hummus that we ended up taking home. She also informed us of the in house recipes and the quality of meats. She was not lying as everybody in the family was enjoying the (chicken. The manager let us try the lamb which was absolutely delicious and did not taste gamey whatsoever! Hummus and babaganoush were fantastic and the rice dish was loved by my kids. The staff was constantly checking on us and filling our waters. This place is suppose to be a casual dining. However, the service is first class!

John Medrano

I love it here great food and service chill dinning area w/ TVs. The couscous is to die for.

Racquel L.

They have such small serving! $25 for a rice bowl w/ shrimp, small falafel and large drink. WOW!! I wish there was a Yalla in LV.

Dax Dekeado

First time eating at the Crazy Pita. The staff was super nice and very friendly. Kudos to yous guys!!!

Patrick Pękalski

Lamb play excellent. Definitely havingthem hey there for the house blessing.

Richard Henderson

It's alright. There's better offers if you want really good gyro though. A little expensive as well compared to other similar restaurants

Alysia Chapman

Your District location restaurant is very clean (especially the restrooms). The staff members are so professional and attentive.And the food is so delicious!Love it there.

G K.

We tried the steak pita, the falafel pita and the veggie pita. The steak was the least favorite because it was chewy and the pieces were too large to enjoy in a pita. The others were tasty. The service was excellent and the restaurant was immaculate, including the bathrooms. It's located right next to Ben & Jerry's, that's another bonus. :) very enjoyable lunch.

Matt K.

Will satisfy your Mediterranean food cravings but not the greatest food experience. We had a salad with two chicken kabobs and a separate lamb kabob with grape leaves dolma, rice and French fries. The salad was a decent sized portion but everything else was rather small - in fact the rice seemed like spilled leftovers versus an actual portion. There was some meat grist (beef or lamb?) in the salad that was supposed to contain chicken kabob only, and under the dolma in the other container were a couple of pieces of cooked lettuce. The chicken was fine (not exactly juicy though) but the lamb was dry. Dolma good. Rice good. French fries skimpy but good. In general - slightly overpriced, but decent (not outstanding) food. Fast, friendly service.

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