Munch box

10604 S Eastern Ave c, Henderson
(725) 205-8976

Recent Reviews

William Thompson

Friendly staff, great area. Fast and very good food that ranges from breakfast to lunch options. Went with the munch box breakfast and it was perfect. The staff check on you to make sure you are happy. I fed 5 for under $60. Overall very good place to eat

Juan Fernandez

Ate breakfast there a few times. Love the bagels and lox breakfast. There are quite a few choices.

Kent Richards

Excellent place! I ordered a special, while it was not what I expected, I was more than pleased when I ate it. lol So good! And great customer service!

Steven Lockwood

Absolutely LOVE this place. The staff are super friendly, they serve you fast too. They always have great specials and an impressive assortment of sauces and condiments. Their omelettes are delicious, and I love their fries. Yum.

Cash Hill

Lovely cashier/order taker. The staff is friendly, food is tasty, & well priced. Will return.

Cash H.

Lovely cashier/order taker. The staff is friendly, food is tasty, & well priced. Will return.

William Dolan

Would be good if i acquired my fresh oj, for whatever reason I am not blessed with such a drink. My delivery of such drink absconded away from my grasp. Then i bite into a cold sesame seed bagel that was specifically made to be a toasty piece of bread. In no way did these obviously passive aggressive men do their specific job of roasting some bread on an open fire. Just not coming back to this mockery of something that sounded so good about an hour ago. You impressed me with the sausage links...

Julie R.

This place is Superb!!! The customer service was excellent! I am so excited I listened to all of the Yelp reviews! I kind of did my own thing as the menu was extensive. I will be more than prepared, next time! The portions are very generous. I sadly could only tackle half of mine.

Savannah C.

My family and I have been coming here for about 3 years now and have never had a bad meal or experience. Service is friendly and the food is great! Victoria always greets us with a smile and happily answers any questions we have about the menu and always customizes our 3 year old son's request for a pancake with sprinkles! One of the best breakfast/ lunch spots in town! 10/10 recommend!

Wiz G.

I would fight anything on this menu with my mouth. Bring it on! Round 1 was the Wafflestien, a mighty pile up of crisp waffles, ham, sausage, bacon, fried eggs, jack and American cheeses. Can I put positive swear words here? Probably not, but I'll go for it anyway... It was F**king Perfect, absolutely what I needed to get through the morning. I might drive across town right now and try for round two. Awesome service, fantastic food, do yourself a favor and give one of their two locations a shot at the title.

Claudia C.

The food was okay, nothing to rave about. I may have returned to try more but they made it very obvious that they were annoyed that I came in 15 minutes before they closed (2pm on Sunday) even though it took them only a few minutes to make my sandwich. It made me feel pretty bad so I won’t be returning. I ordered the munchbox ultimate sandwich on a croissant, eggs over easy, ham, and provolone.

David M

The best service I’ve ever experienced. The entire staff was so friendly and helpful.

Josie Miller

My husband and I was driving through town and found this small place and customer service was good and food was pretty good. Visiting from the east coast.

Samantha R.

My favorite breakfast sandwich around! The fries with the cheese curds and gravy is amazing! Service is always with a smile!

Marlene F.

Great food! Good customer service and the orange juice was freshly squeezed and it was super good. The food was delicious.

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