Shake Shack

2225 Village Walk Dr Suite 191, Henderson
(702) 846-2710

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Desert Patriot

Food is very good. Shakes were ok, they only have one size of shakes. Bathrooms were very clean. Overpriced. Overall great dining experience.

Jason O.

The smoke shack did not disappoint, the cherry peppers, cheese , shack sauce, bacon and added avocado went together perfect fir a great taste! The bacon cheese fries were delicious as well and was enough to share with my kids. My kids each got a milk shake , triple chocolate & the other got a strawberry and both want to come back again. Overall everything we got tasted great!


Went the for the first time.Extremely Clean restaurantVery good ambianceVery hospitable staff. And very PRICEY for a fast food burger, that you could taste high amount of fast in the meat.By the time I got home 20 minutes, I had diarreah...and had to go twice in the next hourThe meat must have had a high fat contentFrankly,In-and-Out Burger is still the BEST.

Krista Talley

I mean...idk what else to say besides Shake Shack is good lol. Customer service is nice...the food is always fresh & on point. I've had better shakes from cheaper places, no offense, but you'll get a good meal from this restaurant. I don't even feel like the food is fast food. Idk if Shake Shack is technically considered fast food, but its a nice upgrade from fast food. Fresh, hot, flavorful. I don't mind paying for my meals. Burgers or chicken, you should really feel it's made with some love. As long as I got a lil bit of money in the bank, Shake Shack will always be worthy of my funds. And it's filling. Thank You!

Lisa H.

The District location has the worst custmer service of any SS location I've ever been to. Absolutely no sense of urgency never more thin one register open no matter how long the line is. Today I came in and the line was out the door and one register open and they were not taking guest orders they were ringing up employee meals on the only register open. I had the hot honey sandwich it was excellent but I swear it only had 4oz of chicken on it for almost 9 dollars.

Donald Huey

No drive thru although they do offer curbside pickup if ordering from their app. I saw this place being hyped on the news this morning and decided it looked good enough to try. I ordered the chicken bites and cheese fries. The chicken was a step up from mcnuggets and the honey mustard dipping sauce was good. I liked the fries but the cheese was cold and in a separate cup. I doubt I will go out of my way to order these again. Canes is closer, has a drive thru and tastes better!

Paul Roklan

First time at a Shake Shack. I was pleasantly surprised. Both my Cookies and Cream shake and burger were great and well priced.

Nichelle C.

Remove “Curbside pickup” from this listing. If you come here when it’s busy you’ll have to go inside otherwise your food will just sit on the shelf and get cold.O7/09/2021 - I believe I may have a small fracture in my foot (need X-rays). I’ve been limping all week and chose curbside pickup for that reason. I arrive and the pickup area (tiny) is full of cars. After sitting there for 20 minutes and seeing no employee deliver food, I limped inside the restaurant and sure enough my food was just sitting there. No longer hot. And my custard was half melted..

Destiny Flores

OMG this is the best Burger I've ever ever put in my mouth so amazing in-and-out used to be my number one this is now my new number 1!! The staff was amazing everybody had a smile on their face even just after the rush. keep up the good work guys I will be back

Brenda R.

So first off I love shake shack! So last night at 7pm I ordered a double cheese and a shake stack that has mushroom on it and two cheese fries.. 7:15 I Hagen try a text saying that my food was finishing up. Btw way I used shake shack website..... so at 8:30 I finally called them and asked what went wrong since money was already taken out of my account. They said Uber eats came and picked up your order. I said I don't have it. They said sorry you need to get a hold of them. So called Uber eats and they said that some mishap happened and Uber eats guy called his support and they told them to forget this order and go to next.. so the Uber eats woman I talked to last night said you are gonna have to call shake shack and get your refund. So first of all I never used Uber eats before so I didn't choose them. Second of all someone took my food and money and never delivered it. So I have a call back into shake shack to see if they do something. So this morning I called everyone again.. shake shack still a message I left but this time I called Uber eats . He changed his story. First he said your food was delivered at 7:38 and I said I never received my food then he said well there wasn't an apartment number so they didn't know where to go. I said well don't you have my phone number so you could have called and asked me. He kept saying we can do nothing about it your gonna have to call shake shack. So I guess it is ok to have someone that works for Uber eats to steal someone food and then everyone lie about it. So now I didn't get my food or my money back and no one is doing anything about it!! So I only downloaded Uber eats last night to see if I could see my order. I got nothing! This company suck and I will never be using it again!

JoAnna Harvey

We have been trying to get to a Shake Shack for many years after a friends recommendation, and it didn't disappoint. The food was fresh, the service was excellent, and the shakes were great. I'm glad we had a chance to make it in.

Bryan Jones

We loved shake shack, the burgers were top notch. The restaurant was clean, menu was easy to understand, and the staff was very friendly.

Chris U.

I had to revise my previous 4 Star review, because no matter what price of their burgers are - they are far and away the best. I have been to literally every burger place in this city and find Shake Shack ultimately incomparable and the best. It is now my routine to go here at least once per week for a work lunch. In fact, even in writing this review, my mouth is watering just imagining what I could be eating right now - and I just had lunch :-) Anyway, long story short, I believe this to be the best burger in town, bar none.

Danni St Athens

Yum, yum, YUM! This place sure has some tasty, well cooked food. We got a classic double hamburger, fries, and their new chicken bacon avocado sandwich - all delicious. Kudos to them for getting a real crunch on crinkle cut fries!

Ari Was here

It was very good. The food was fresh the service was great and the restaurant was clean. Wish we had one in desoto county ms

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