Spicy Tuna

10345 S Eastern Ave #190, Henderson
(702) 722-2424

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Jevy L.

Not much to brag about. The sushi was just ok. And it felt like a sauna in there. Sadly I really wanted to like this place since I frequent the Trader Joe's next door. I had a couple of rolls and a friend had a bento box. Probably wouldn't come again, sorry Spicy Tuna Sushi!

Melissa G.

it's such a small place from the outside, but walking in its so nice and way bigger than I thought! and the food here is SO good. If you're a nigiri person, every piece comes out with the perfect ratio of fish and rice. and the rolls here are to die for! they are very big but at the same time it's the perfect amount? you definitely get your money's worth!! to be quite honest, my favorite spot in henderson. maybe even vegas itself!!!

Rina S.

We have been customers of spicy tuna for years. Today we placed an order online for pickup and one of our rolls was missing. A simple fix to "make right". Instead, the manager of the restaurant proceeded to tell us that she placed the roll in the order and would not believe that a mistake was made. In essence she was calling us liars and would not do anything to rectify the situation. Terrible customer service to loyal customers. Loyal through the pandemic--but loyal no longer.

Marisol Jimenez

Best restaurant ever ❤️‍??✨???

Courtney Breen

Lots of options with great food and service!

Noah Jimenez

Best restaurant ever ❤️‍??✨???

Em A.

I expected a small takeout type place, was pleasantly surprised at how big and spacious it was! We got there just as they opened so we got a table right away. Pretty soon all tables were full. Really enjoyed everything we ordered, my favorite was the fried soft shell crab. They have very generous portions and service was friendly. Would definitely go back, especially since they're right beside my favorite Trader Joe's!

Kisha G.

After two years finally decided to give this sushi place a try. What a big mistake. In the middle of an excessive heat warning, my family and I entered this establishment to hear a male worker offer two waiting guests water. I on the other hand, waited 3-5 minutes to be acknowledged by the employee behind the counter. That should've been my first clue to leave, but I pressed on. Once again, while placing my order. I over heard the male worker working the tables offer the other guests waiting water yet again. My family seated closely next to them was offered NOTHING. Again, I should've left and not given this establishment any of my dollars. While waiting..We observed the worker greeting only white guests with drink requests. As he continued to overlooked my family. Finally, when my food arrive it was sat on a table instead of being handed to me only one extra step away. The food did not hold up to 4.7 rating.. the shrimp fried rice lacked flavor and roll was nothing to write home about.. I'm not one to shoutout racist, but the white male working the floor was blatantly disrespectful and lacked customer service.

Veronica M.

This is my FAVORITE sushi spot ever! I don't go anywhere else anymore. The food is always fresh and tastes amazing. The owner Eddie is super personable and remembers his customers by name. The rolls are unique and if there's something special you want just ask. I can't wait to go back!

Jean J.

So so so good. Their sushi is great but I loved the chicken terriyaki. You literally can't go wrong with it. I got to-go so I didn't get the full experience, but from a take-out point of view, perfect

Cody Wine

Bomb!!!! My food was only 14 dollars for all that...plus they brought over another katsu filet.... Wow

Linda S.

Completely gross & overpriced. Lots of fake 5 star reviews posted and taken down. There is no way the disgusting quality of food could actually get good reviews. Let's start with the large tongue sized pieces of sashimi...who is slicing these pieces...a guy who used to work at Home Depot?? No decent sushi chef would put out such sloppy work. The cold tofu is served on ice cubes with tomato? What in the actual Fk?! The Summer Special is large salmon pieces with a creamy sauce that's just gross. The spider roll is in a slimey soy wrapper and large enough to choke on. The sticky tables were not even sanitized. Avoid this place, there are so many other better nearby choices.

Juan Fernandez

One of the best for Sushi, I've ever been. Great waitresses, take great care of you and fresh tasting, delicious food.

Tania Urena

Everything from the service to the food is great.

Tommy D.

I have recently came to eat here by chance after maybe 5 years since I've eaten here last and I will say I'm super impressed. For a non AYCE everything was decently priced. Whenever wifey and I come to non ayce we will usually keep it super simple on sushi. Couple pieces of nigiri a couple rolls and hamachi Kama if they have it. Well first they had hamachi Kama here and it was good! Also what stood out for us was the Dynamite! Man that was the best thing I've had here and their version was so delicious compared to other places. I would literally just come here for those two items and it's a meal by itself. I'll be back again to try some other things since there is so much on their menu. Oh btw service was great too. Nothing bad I can say so far.

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