Anna's Méxican Grill

9570 S McCarran Blvd, Reno
(775) 384-1675

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andy phan

On the way to Lake Tahoe, I stopped at this place, purely by chance, for lunch. You folks just have to taste the gorritas (Spelling?) It just melted in your mouth, literally. Everything is up and up, a gem out of nowhere. The strawberry lemonade was humongous, really quenched my thirst. Take your date, family here, you will have memories. ANDY.

Anna Cladakis


Matthew Barringer

First time was amazing!definitely gonna try everything on this menu

Norman Massel

Great tacos are here. Just right

Deanna L.

We loved our street tacos of chicken and carnitas. They are loaded with delicious, very well seasoned meat. The tacos de birria had great flavor, but these were very greasy and the shells were soggy. This may be authentic and just not our taste. My Michelada was excellent. We will definitely be returning for my street tacos, but when it cooler so we can enjoy the patio. We were here when it 104 outside. We have lots more tacos to try and the staff was very friendly.

Cassandra F.

I was looking for a local Mexican restaurant after having just an average experience at another Mexican restaurant nearby. Anna's had good reviews and so we gave it a try and were not disappointed! They start your meal with gorditas which I have not tried before. They came with two different sauces. I like the uniqueness and it gave me an opportunity to try something I otherwise probably wouldn't have bought. Chips and salsa are an extra fee, but pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of things. You almost don't need them with the portion sizes. The salsa had more of a tomato paste consistency than I'm used to. I ordered the enchiladas with red sauce. These were so so much better than the other local place I had tried recently. The cheese was good quality and I think it had a crema sauce on it that I had never had before. Rice was a small portion but great flavor! My sister ordered two tacos. For 14 dollars we weren't sure what to expect knowing that it didn't come with any sides. The tacos ended up being huge and definitely worth the price! Next time I come, I'll have to try one of their specialty margaritas!

Melinda B.

Top 3 reasons i will never go back: (Funny thing, there was a long hair in my taco, and thats not even in the top three reasons) 1. For the prices they charge, you still have to pay for chips and salsa? What the what? 2. $5.00 split plate charge? What? Astronomical prices and you cant share? Omg... 3. The chicken in my taco was Asian style chicken. Nothing Mexican about it. Corn tortilla was inedible. Im so confused on why this place is 4 stars.

Janell C.

We had the best experience here. The customer service was FANTASTIC. The food equally amazing! Try the Volcanes!!

Janice B.

The food here is very good but the customer service we received today was just bad. Once again my 88 year old friend needed a ride to pick up her meds at CVS. It had been over a year and a half since she had been to Anna's so she wanted to take me there for lunch. I am pretty much a regular here since we eat there about once a month. I ordered for her to make sure the server got it right, I even said it twice, Combo #6 with 2 crispy ground beef tacos as she had shared with me that the shredded beef was hard for her to eat. When the server brought our food he sat her plate in front of her, but it was not ground beef tacos, it was shredded beef. I spoke up and said that was not what she ordered, he let it sit there for a second like he expected her to eat it anyway. I said excuse me but I ordered for her and I said ground beef twice so I know you heard me. He picked up the plate, no I'm sorry about the mix up, just picked it up and took it away. I do not understand the mentality of people like this. I even told him when we ordered that she was so excited to be there after such a long absence due to the pandemic. And to make things worse, I ordered black beans, but my plate had a bowl of refried beans. When I mentioned it he picked the bowl up off my plate without a word and took it away replacing it right away with a bowl of black beans. I think the next time my friend wants tacos, I'll make them for her. Nobody deserves to pay for bad customer service, quite frankly we were appalled at his attitude.

Roberto Terriquez

Staff was friendly. Their ceviche was delicious. Prices were reasonable. The environment was authentic. I would definitely recommend giving this place a try if you are in the area.

Chase Aiken

I’ve come here a couple of times now and the front door is locked but the light up sign says “welcome OPEN” and it is during posted open hours. Today there were workers inside eating but would not acknowledge us. Three different parts came to eat here but all left disappointed. Bad business practices.

Tony Abreu

The food is great. The service could be a little friendlier and they close to early.

Steffini A.

My husband and I stopped into Anna's on a Saturday around noon. We were seated immediately as the restaurant was only about 3/4 full. Once seated service was a little slow. They took a little while to get our orders and refill our waters (which we drank a lot of because it was HOT today). The ceviche was good, but had a hint of a sagey taste, which wasn't my favorite. But my husband really enjoyed his torta. He said it was the perfect spice level and everything about it was good. But the best part was they have us a little fried something to start the meal and a little slice of cake at the end to share. Both were DELICIOUS. We'll be back to try more on the menu!


Living in the southwest for much of my life, it's nice to see originality in Mexican food. This place does all the traditional dishes, but their melding of flavors, and adding original things you don't usually see are just SUPERB! Their pork dish, Chamorro Adobado is highly recommended, their shrimp Chili Rellenos are tasty, and their Dinner for Two plates look super and huge. Instead of routine chips and salsa, they begin with scrumptious Arepas with different salsas, and it all ends with a complimentary sliver of Tres Leches. Service was excellent as well. Highly recommended!

Kenneth Quirk

I've eaten at this place three times now. Great food every time! The atmosphere is excellent and feels clean and classy. Has a genuine Mexican feeling about it and the staff has been only polite. I look forward to the next time I go.

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