2707 S Virginia St, Reno
(775) 826-2121

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This restaurant is way overpriced for the food you served and the amount you are served. Ridiculous!! Disappointing. You're paying for the looks of the restaurant. The rice was terrible. The portions were very small.

Luli Tolo

I am only giving two stars becus sweet sour soup is delicious and pretty place.The price ain’t worth anything.The chicken tasted very overcooked .Not worth $22 for something that I do not like.

Rory Silva

Great food at a fair price. The two of us had the chi dinner. The appetizers were very good. The General chicken was fantastic. The after dinner Gelato was fantastic. Highly recommend the green tea. I had a spicy watermelon cooler which was also very good. One thing to know is to reserve online. We got there when they opened on a Sunday at 5 and couldn't get in til 830.

Brian Tracy

Great Asian food, much better than what they offer at there cafe selections, at similar prices too. There fried rice isn't great though. Phad Thai and General chicken were super legit. -B-tray

Eric Klien

Awesome food! Great decor! Great service! (My favorite chinese restaurant.)

Brittnie Figueroa

Food was basic.. Not good enough for the price. But the experience was lovely presentation was lovely as well beautiful lighting tho.

Brittnie Aragon

Food was basic.. Not good enough for the price. But the experience was lovely presentation was lovely as well beautiful lighting tho.

Chuck Farnham

Got takeout from there, it was really wonderful, as with most hotel dining, the meat was cubed in huge chunks that you don’t find in your “regular “ Chinese places, I would definitely recommend this restaurant, it was really good and when staying in a large hotel who wants to drive to an unknown location in a strange town when it’s so convenient…


Really good food. Make sure to ask for Sierra as your server!

Steph McGregor

Not sure why all the negative reviews. We thought the food was delicious. We did ask for things with a little more spice and got some sauces to add some additional flavor - but that’s typical for this type of food. The server was delightful, but maybe it’s because we were nice and friendly as well. We went with three people and got pot stickers and egg rolls and 4 dishes which was plenty of food. Of all the dishes we got the Mongolian beef was the favorite. (Kung pao chicken, schezuan shrimp and veggie noodles).

Rae Paxton

Fresh and tasty food and wonderful service!


Portions of food were more than enough to fill. Prices were a tad on the high side for what was served, but the food was good. Make sure you reserve as tables are limited to to C-19.

David Johnson

The host was horrible i went in at 5 30 on a Thursday she didnt set my reservation when i called and made one. Then she argued with me about what restaurant i called and kept saying this is Chi obviously i knew where i was. I honestly loved the waiter and the owner was polite but the so called host has got to be replaced she should quit and this place would get returning customers. Sad to say i wont go back she ruined the experience for all 3 of us that dined there. The food was way overpriced as well.

Frenzy Joyce Iguban

Very poor and snail slow service. Food was bland. I had high expectations but it failed. Place was very fancy but the food was the opposite. Won’t recommend.


The decor is lovely and the service ok, but the food quality is poor. You pay quite a bit, to have lousy food. I would not recommend.

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