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Craig Newton

Came to Peppermill for our 30th anniversary and the first two restaurants had over 1 hour wait! Forgot HotAugust Nites started… So we tried Chi! Great Bartender (Casey) recommended 2 excellent cocktails made with house made products. We liked each dish pictured below. I really liked the seafood, chicken and pork combo. My wife’s favorite was the Mongolian beef. Also had the hot and sour soup, which was top notch. Definitely will come back and try some other parts of the menu. But I expect I would have the soup and a cocktail again. Great service by Linda in the restaurant. The only reason I got four stars is it seems like over $50 a person for Chinese food is a little expensive.

Michael Spaulding

I chose this restaurant for my birthday. I was disappointed ? the real disappointment comes from the obvious discrepancy between the price and the quality of food served. I'm fine paying $40-50 for a dish that is worth $40-50, but only one dish here lived up to the cost.Ordered:1) $18 calamari ? appetizer1) $32 prawn ? with vermicelli and garlic2) $40 sliced duck ? with shrimp, chicken, pork and greens3) $22 orange blossom chicken ? (the only dish worth the ?)Service: Needs Improvement!The individual who sat us was polite and welcoming. However, our server always seemed like she didn't have time for us. When clearing dishes, she would kind of reach over us in a way that interrupted the meal and take plates too soon. She also didn't seem interested in discussing the menu. If she is just that busy, then they should hire more servers. Our waters were filled quickly, but it never felt friendly. However, the guy who brought our tea was nice. Compared to other Peppermill restaurants, this was the worst service.Atmosphere: Smelled of cigarette ? smoke, but well decorated. Also, the tables feel a little large for the round booths so you don't get a lot of wiggle room.Appetizer: The calamari was small, dry, and not up to portion desired for the cost. This was worth $12 max, not $18. The dipping sauces were nice though.Entrees:The prawn ? with vermicelli was tasty but it was really just some thin rice noodles with garlic and about 7-8 prawns (slightly larger shrimp). Underwhelming dish worth about $22, not $32.The sliced duck ? was okay. The duck was 4-5 dark, fatty slices of meat that I needed a knife to cut. They were under 3 shrimp, some sliced pork and chicken pieces and zucchini and baby bok choi. Again though, these were not big crispy slices of seasoned duck, but instead were wet and soaked with gravy at the bottom of the dish. The presentation was uninspired. It was not a $40 dish. It was a $30 dish at best.The orange ? blossom ? chicken ? was the best item we ordered. This was the only dish that kept the review from being 2 stars. This dish comes with about 8-10 huge chunks of breaded chicken (they were decent cuts) but the sauce is awesome ?!! I thought it had good spice, a nice body, just a hint of sweet, and was perfect with white rice. This dish was worth the $22 we paid for it. I highly recommend this dish for anyone that likes chicken and a little spice ?It is unfortunate that the dish that simply gave a bunch of meat was the worth it winner tonight. I would love to eat dishes with more complexity in both presentation and flavor but Chi did not really deliver. I can honestly say I will not be back for a while.

Kyle Miura

We love Peppermill Reno’s Chi restaurant. We have been going here for over ten years. The food is spectacular, and the staff are wonderful. The manager Patrick is always gracious to us. Coming here is always a highlight of our trip.

Kyle Hanks

It is my husband birthday, so we spent the weekend in Reno, Nevada. The décor was an imperial elegance of red/gold silk. The lemon cocktails were simple but strong. My husband enjoyed his braised duck and seasoned greens. I was so impressed with my meal! I ordered the whole live Maine Lobster Steamed was spot on. I wish to give this restaurant a 6 Star review.

Sim Tweed

Let's start with the great. The service was fantastic. I'll waitress Sierra was polite attentive and very knowledgeable of the entire menu. When the food arrived we were also mightily impressed nicely prepared and very flavorful. The two stars came as a result of the horrendous air that was circulating around that restaurant. Being that this restaurant is in a casino you have a massive amount of smokers and that smoke was periodically wafting into the restaurant causing me to break out into coughing fits. I urge management/ownership at the peppermill to seal that front off somehow because it absolutely ruins the dinning experience. That's why despite all the positives of this place I will never come back. Please fix it.

Thekla Mcfarland

Worst meal ever. Orange chicken was so tough I wondered if I was eating chicken, worse than chewing beef jerky. And lacked orange flavor. Pot stickers sucked! Sweet and sour pork was tasteless. Chicken chow mein was dry and lacked flavor. As previously stated worst dinner ever!

Ms. L.

Simply amazing, delicious food. We went on a weekend night so it was busy and we had to be patient for service.

Martha Kearns

We were a party of four. We ordered the meals at $35 each, with appetizers and four entrees.The food was good (a short step up from mall food), albeit more expensive than it was worth. Other Asian restaurants nearby are better and cheaper, and one doesn't need to hoof it all the way through the casino to get there. The service was good, and the ambiance is pleasant. Good for tourists, I guess, who don't know Reno. Try Jazmine instead.


Perking duck and mongolian beef were great. Nice idea of hot wash cloths. Service was a little slow.


Staying at the Peppermill and this is the last of their nice restaurants that we were yet to try. Again, were excited about our selections but slightly disappointed in results. First we started with the ragoons. They tasted like they were snatched off a buffet line. Chewy and lacking in flavor. Then for entrees we had the Peking duck and fried whole fish. The duck was slightly dry and lacking in real flavor. And the whole fish, while better tasting was merely small bites till it was done. All in all a very average meal, and once again, very expensive.


This restaurant is way overpriced for the food you served and the amount you are served. Ridiculous!! Disappointing. You're paying for the looks of the restaurant. The rice was terrible. The portions were very small.

Luli Tolo

I am only giving two stars becus sweet sour soup is delicious and pretty place.The price ain’t worth anything.The chicken tasted very overcooked .Not worth $22 for something that I do not like.

Rory Silva

Great food at a fair price. The two of us had the chi dinner. The appetizers were very good. The General chicken was fantastic. The after dinner Gelato was fantastic. Highly recommend the green tea. I had a spicy watermelon cooler which was also very good. One thing to know is to reserve online. We got there when they opened on a Sunday at 5 and couldn't get in til 830.

Brian Tracy

Great Asian food, much better than what they offer at there cafe selections, at similar prices too. There fried rice isn't great though. Phad Thai and General chicken were super legit. -B-tray

Eric Klien

Awesome food! Great decor! Great service! (My favorite chinese restaurant.)

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