Donut Bistro

465 S Meadows Pkwy # 21, Reno
(775) 853-4009

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I thought it was funny that a Pho restaurant also made/sold donuts. I didn't buy any donuts, but the Pho was really good! Also, plenty of garnish - mint, lime, bean sprouts, etc. I will eat here again.

Timothy Lewis

Best Chinese food in town

Lynda W.

Very good food (e.g., Vietnamese), drinks (e.g., boba tea), and donuts (yum!). Small, cozy, informal setting. Easy-to-reach location on S. Meadows not far from freeway.

Jean Lampson

Went here for the first time for dinner over Memorial weekend. Walked in and it was unbearably hot. I felt so bad for the employees. We decided to only order Bubble Teas. The watermelon one was fantastic! The pineapple one had a funny taste, maybe canned pineapple. If you go on a hot day I absolutely recommend the watermelon bubble tea!

John Gracey

Never disappoints! Chinese or Pho. Kids love the Boba drinks.

Jenee K.

We haven't tried their donuts (not available right now) but we went back three weekends in a row for dinner! Portions are much bigger than we've gotten in for any kind of food in Reno, especially for the price. Husband likes anything with the Szechuan sauce - he's tried shrimp and the eggplant. The triple crown was hearty and a lot of bang for the buck. The house fried rice was really good. Tried the curry vermicelli which was tasty. Spring rolls are god sized but the appetizer you MUST get is the potstickers! Big and doughey and delicious- could be a meal themselves. We liked the veggie egg rolls better than the meat ones. Usually about 1/2hr to 40m wait so not bad for calling in an order.

Megan Monaghan

I’ve come here for years with my family and it has been great every time! They have amazing food and drinks as well as great employees!

Johnathan B.

Was looking for chinese, and in all honesty, this was my second alternative since it has the word 'donut' in its name. The first alternative was closed, so I got to this place. They do not serve donuts according to a sign on the door, and that has already gotten me hopeful. The place is not open for sit-ins, but offers takeout from outside the restaurant. The process of ordering was quite quick, and totally acceptable for this covid-19 times. The food itself is very good, I ordered the potstickers and the general's chicken. Both were very good, and the portions were so large that I've got enough left for another day. Very recommend, will probably get there again before leaving Reno.

Ellie V.

I've been going to this place since I used to live 30 minutes away. They serve Vietnamese, Chinese food and of course doughnuts.. Now I live in the same area so once or twice a week when I worked late and no time to cook dinner this is where I go. Just call and place your orders and within 15 minutes the dinner for me and my family is ready. The food is really good and the staff are very nice.

Justin Watkins

Came here before work thinking they sold donuts as the name is extremely convincing that they do, however, they do not sell donuts here. Hours are wrong and the name of the business is completely misleading. If something that simple cannot be managed, I would assume the rest of the establishment is just as poorly managed.

Shawn Martinez

Probably the best donuts in Sparks! Great selection and friendly staff!

Raymond D.

They are clean, professional, and confidence inspiring during tough times. Thank you guys for stepping up your game.

Leanh E.

My son has. Even in a Mongolian beef (no onions) and fried rice ( no veggies) kick. Since I have been extremely lazy about cooking these past two weeks, I acquiesced to buying him some more Chinese. Decided I would just stick close to home and order take out. I was pleasantly surprised. Called in my order, the gentleman on the phone was super cool. I gave my credit card and he said just to call when we were in the parking lot and they would place it on a table outside. It was so easy and my some really enjoyed it, except he said it wasn't spicy enough. I will have to order extra spicy next time for him. I tasted it and the fried rice was fresh and the Mongolian beef was tender. I was impressed that they even added some steam rice without charge. It seems like a lot of Chinese restaurants are charging for steam rice. So that was a super cool

Bobby M

Food was so tasty. Looking forward to coming back with my relatives. The bill was decent for the quality.

Heather MacPherson

They are not serving donuts here anymore. The name should be changed!!

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