India Kabab & Curry

1091 S Virginia St, Reno
(775) 348-6222

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Yo LaPhone

Delicious vegetarian food, I've only been twice and it was delightfully scrumptious both times! I left my wallet there last time I was there and didn't call until a few days later when I was tracking my recent credit card transactions to hunt it down. My friend had to pick it up for me as I had already driven out of state, the man I spoke with was extra cautious in getting it back to the right person. I asked my friend to give him some of the money that was in my wallet and the man at the restaurant wouldn't accept. Really nice honest folks there! Check them out, your taste buds and stomach won't be let down.

Eduardo Gutierrez

First off, this is a hard review to write.I love this place. However, in the middle of the pandemic, they are not enforcing the mask mandate and while some of their workers wear their mask correctly, others wear it under their nose, as a chinstrap, or not at all. We didn't notice it at first, when we arrived, but when we did, our party got really uncomfortable. Then we noticed other people were entering and walking around with out masks, and one person that appeared to be the manager or owner, wasn't even wearing one.This makes me sad, because we really liked this place. It's been here for quite some time, and they have excellent food. I won't be back though, not until the pandemic is over.

Patrick Schnurbusch

It's not as good as it used to be. Bathrooms dirty. No paper towels to dry my hands. Yes it has a blower but but I must touch the door handle after I wash instead of using a paper towel. No hot water in the bathroom. Flies attacking me as I eat. The soup bowls were all wet which means they were not sanitized properly. Food selection lacked color and variety.This will be my last visit.

Angie T

Food was really good. Food came out pretty quick. Server was really nice.

Rigoberto Enrique Calderon

It's been over a year since we've been here due to the pandemic. We love having the lunch buffet. Employees are friendly and the food is always good!

Sandra Jones

Was very nice place

Robert Stiles

Great food. Nice to see a buffet again. However I was treated like a criminal when I asked for a booth - there were 6-7 available upon arrival and they stayed empty the time I was there. On to the next Indian Restaurant for better service.

Franco Rios

The buffet is tasty and filling. The servers are friendly. Watching Indianmusic videos on the screens is fun too.

Dan R.

Best buffet in Reno is back available once again. Incredible tikka masala, great tandoori chicken, always solid and interesting items available from 11am-3pm for the lunch buffet that is most flavorful and best deal in town. Easy to drive right by and miss the building but take the time to go in and you'll instantly be a regular there.

Savy Vannah Russell

Absolutely delicious Indian food. Prepared well, portions more than worth it, perfectly spiced. Definitely ordering again.

Sabrina Smith

Honestly, there are few places I've been in Reno that I've returned to more than once and this is one of those places. I've been here three times and my goodness is it still my favorite! I've tried other Indian places however this one is by far the best. The servers are so much fun and like to joke around with you, the food is always good and you can't go wrong with them. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone, they're delicious, fast, and kind. Best. Indian. Food.

Revathi C.

Worse food that I and my family have ever tasted! All the food was reheated. Grill plater was the worse! Every meat was as hard as a rock and tasteless. 90% of the food ended up in the trash!

Rachel Haddad

What a wonderful restaurant! Excellent food accompanied by incredible service. I’m in town visitng family and we decided to go here and get the lunch buffet. All the food was fresh & delicious. The restaurant also had a very pleasant decor! The people working were so friendly and inviting. I will definitely be coming back every time I’m in town!

sumanth suraneni

Food is very bad. Samosa chat is merely a samosa and chole curry.. Dosa is not at all hot, both chutney and Sambar were bad. When asked for mango chutney, we get a mango jam. Not worth a try for Indian food.


We had a terrific meal! The wait staff was friendly and the restaurant clean. We chose this based on two local Uber driver recommendations and so glad we did and bypassed the negative review. Wonderful

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