The Grill At Quail Corners

6520 S McCarran Blvd, Reno
(775) 827-6262

Recent Reviews

Eric Green

very nice. Lasagna was amazing.


They are accommodating to make changes to their menu which I appreciate. The food is always excellent.

Rick Short

Nice restaurant, the pork chop was delicious

Gayla Helms

Never a disappointment! I love this restaurant. Literally have never had a bad meal. I dream of the mushroom ravioli and the steak frites.

Tab Ellifritz

More so 3.5 stars, but I tend to round up. Its been some years since I have been here until recently I did a take out order online. I showed up and they hadn't seen the online order, so they apologized, they were jam packed at 8 pm and so they generously gave me a free drink at the bar while I waited. We got the Sicilian pizza and the scallops and risotto that night, and both were very tasty especially for being take out orders. I decided I need to start adding this place our rounds, and resigned up for the reward program.Last night we decided to go out again, instead of take out, sit down in the restaurant, the patio is still very nice, especially when the evening is winding down and you have twinkle lights and less heat!They were again, slammed, for a tuesday night seemed like a good sign. As another reviewer stated, they had a very large party, and also, it looked like a couple other smaller parties of 5-8. And like every place in town, I am sure they are slightly understaffed. It didn't really bother us because we weren't in a hurry, even though it took time to get drink orders and refills at times, but outside of that, there was some execution errors in the food that always sucks when you feel like you're at a place that shouldn't have those.We started with the $14 1 lb of steamer clams (I really wanted to split the louie louie louie salad with my husband but he didn't want to), so steamer clams, one of my favorite appetizers when done right. The broth was plentiful, and made with wine but it didn't come through for me, that tang you expect. Lots of onions some garlic and parsley, and a perfect amount of spice from red pepper flakes. Also, it wasn't salty, which can happen with these. The clams unfortunately had lots of sand, I would say 50% of them had sand in them. Farmed clams have less sand than wild caught, and its not hard to throw them in tap water and corn meal before hand for a few to try to purge them more.I got the $25 sole dinner entrée, with lemon beurre blanc, linguine and veggies and my husband got the $22 lamb lollipops under the "artisan" section. He miscalculated that because I think he thought he was getting chops, not lollipops, so he had some disappointment when the plate came regarding size expectations. But more so, the lollipops were very heavily charred, too much to where the charcoal flavor is overpowering, and then they were very well done. His plate was warm too, so I think they finished his and then it sat a bit while mine got done. The sole was really good, a lovely tart and creamy sauce, flakey and moist fish, and linguine that for me was done right, others might say it was too much, but linguine being a thicker noodle, I like it more done than al dente.So while we had some hits, we also had some wins, and I'm not writing it off, I think we will continue to explore the menu, and utilize specials they offer. It always feels good supporting local and they have good service to me, even when they are busy. The rewards program is also a great incentive as well.

Herman Rummings

We enjoy the Grill so much that we have introduced a lot of friends and neighbors. You can sit outside in the courtyard, and even bring your dog. They even provide a bowl of water. The food is always substantial and pleasing not only to the pallet but to the eye. Excellent specials are offered. I do have to say I love the very, very warm bread and butter they bring to the table. The staff is always welcoming and very friendly. A place not to be missed.

Heather Spiers

We decided to go here for my birthday. We made a reservation for 12 people at 6pm. We ordered around 6:40 and didn't receive our food until 7:40. Our waitress was clearly given too many tables and we barely saw her. Given that they knew a large party was coming they should have planned better and made walk-ins wait instead of overloading her.

Ron Vaught

We’ve enjoyed The Grille often since opening over 20 years ago. This year more than any, Sam and team have demonstrated remarkable flexibility during the pandemic offering creative take-out, safe spacing and patio seating beginning this Spring, and now full menu and continuing weekly take-out Specials. We’ll done!

Jamie Nason

First time dinning here! The Pork Chop and the Scallops were outstanding! The back patio was so relaxing and comfortable! We will be back!

Selena Lyons

Very pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff. Very accommodating. Would definitely recommend

Yvonne Little

Great,Great, Great

jenny hubach

Best Cobb salad. Brought a friend in for lunch. It was his first time in. Loved the food and the service. He will now become another regular. The pulled pork pozole was excellent. Great flavor and not something we normally see. Hope to see it on the menu more often.

Donald McFall

Over the past five years, I have found that THE GRILL AT QUAIL CORNERS is superb in quality of food, service and cost. I highly recommend you try this Resturant. You will definitely be a repeat customer.


The patio is an excellent venue for private sharing and its orientation shelters it from the wind and traffic noise. A great place for good friends to meet.


Dinner was great as always. The most exciting part was actually seeing the servers and staff without masks. It was wonderful seeing their smiles!

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