Tacos El Bronco 2

2140 White Plains Rd, Bronx
(917) 645-8720

Recent Reviews

Jess the Blessed

Updated review because I just moved and reminiscing my times here:Giving this place a 5 star review because regardless of the screw, they know how to deliver bomb tacos. When we first moved, tacos were $2, now they’re $2.5, possibly $2.75 (yes the pandemic), but it’s still better pricing than Manhattan. This spot is definitely a must if you’re in the area. They are CASH ONLY so make sure to withdraw some bills before coming here.If you see a crowd of people, kindly ask if they’ve ordered. Most people standing there are waiting for their order. They guys taking orders are quick. Don’t be surprised if your wait time is about 15 min, it’s a popular spot and the paisanos in the truck cooking are working as hard as they can to get you your tacos as quick as possible. They can’t help it people order a lot at a time.Miss you Tacos Broncos!I know we’re grabbing food from a food truck, but this quite the surprise we got in our taco al pastor ?- a SCREW!Typically food is bomb, but this has never happened to us. 1 star

Bianca K. M.

Love this placeeee.Truly authentic!!! Long lines should tell you something. I wish I lived closer just for this place

Logan M.

Quality tacos on the east coast! Reminded me of a taco truck in Cali. Super nice people, they are very generous with their portion sizing and meat. Quality food all around. Their guacamole salsa is very good and a little spicy. Recommend everything except the chicken was a little dry.

Edwin Diaz

Really good tacos ??.Love it. Highly recommend.

brian melford

An authentic taste of Mexico right here in the Bronx. Delicious, fresh, memorable

Mia K Arakaki

The tacos are overpriced and for whatever reason the quality has gone down over the past two years. The taco skins are not cooked proper The chicken is overcooked. El pastor is all fat... This place used to be one of my favorite Friday night things to do now I just go there when I don't feel like cooking

Lala A

I found my Taco place!!!!!! Call to put in your order. My favorites are the pastor, beef tongue and spicy pork but everything is good. Best to preorder as they are very popular but they are organized and move fast. At I'm writing this I'm I'm planting oh going again today, that's how good it is.

rj b

great prices, for 20 bucks the amount of food you can get is insane. so many options as well including some unconventional choices you won't find at most other taco places. even though it's a food truck you can still call in your order and it'll be ready quick despite how popular this place is. people in the area will know this place well

Tapashi Narine

Favorite taco place in the Bronx! $2.5 per taco. I mostly go for the chicken and it's yummy!

Omer S.

Delicious taco, fast service all in good price. Tried different options from the menu and they were all equally delicious !!!

Amanda Delossantos

Best tacos ever super affordable and that salsa verde ooooooh weeeee so spicy so good

E Rod

Best Tacos in The Bronx. Simply good. What love is that one call and make your order and this is a food truck. How about that folks. ?


These have got to be the best damm Tacos, coming out of a food truck. There are times when you have to wait an hour because they are so backed up.

Andres B.

Best tacos ever!!! I Eat here all the time. The Chorizo tacos are my favorite!!!The sauces are great too!

German P.

My sister kept telling me about the tacos here, I'm a bit picky when it comes to eating certain foods since EVERYONE (most people that don't know) claim that the food at a certain place is good. I knew it was going to be good because there was a crowd waiting for their orders. I ordered 4 tacos, 2 steak, 1 tongue and 1 stomach. With the stomach (tripe) you have to be careful because not many people know how to prepare it. When I got my order, I took a bite of the stomach taco, and I have to say that they're very well seasoned, no funny taste. The 4 tacos came with the typical sides plus onion which is damn delicious side to add to tacos, all 4 were delicious, the tacos really exceeded my expectations. I now have one of my favorite taco spots in New York, I've had tacos in Los Angeles and Mexico so I can say that these are as good as you would get from an authentic spot in Los Angeles o Mexico City.

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