Panda House

204-02 Hillside Avenue, Queens
(718) 776-3838

Recent Reviews

Randy Van Sertima

There food is cooked well I have been a loyal customer for 2 years now, and I have not been disappointed at all by there services!Def go for there beef fried rice with sesame chicken (ask for the sesame chicken to be crispy)


Great Chicken Wings (I'm not a wings guy so I'm pretty picky).

Ryan Ramphal

Pretty standard Chinese takeout place. My go-to when I'm craving Chinese take-out. Flavors of all their foods are pretty good and food is usually prepared well. The roast pork fried rice and General Tso's chicken are my favorites.

Miguel Jarochov

Good food.

Christopher Negron

Good food fast service

Benjamin Aldorasi

I went in and ordered a small vegetable chop suey, and a pint of egg drop soup. The menu lists it for $5.50, and 2.50. I was charged 10.50. The food was good, but count your change!

Roxana Linares

Great food always fresh!!! Love this place?????

Charles Loiseau

Really good food been coming to place for years. I recently move to long Island and I still come to this place

Sab Haniff

Nastiest Chinese food ever i always find something in my food last time the chicken was so hard and looked like wood ... pretty sure it was wood

Ricardo Sherwood

Good service and prices.

Ms. Lawson

Counter lady is not pleasant at all. The place is clean and seem to draw a few ppl BUT pricing is sorta expensive..example..I never heard of a Chinese store charging for their signature bbq sauce! Really a quarter per item u want the sauce really?.. so no I won't b back here because my ENTIRE

Carlos Quiles

Have been ordering for YEARS and have never gotten sick. Good Portions and House special fried rice is phenomenal.

Andrea Stewart

Good spot for quick take out. Take out spot is always clean however, Shabby interior u will not be sitting in this establishment. Food is pretty good. I've tried the beef with broccoli, chicken fried rice and the ribs. Not bad at all. The disadvantage is there is in only 1 payment option cash only.

harry subbu

Their Chicken fried rice is the best. You can get the hot oil sauce in the side or get it mixed with the fried rice. Staffs were friendly as well. Ambiance is only ok.

valencia valestin

I ordered shrimp and broccoli and they gave me chicken. The lady on the phone is so rude. This ridiculous. The food doesn’t taste fresh at all.

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