133-18 Guy R Brewer Blvd, Queens
(718) 413-5599

Recent Reviews

Lawrence Hudson

Always a good visit good food good prices

Anthony Damelio

Nice fast food place.Burger could of been hotter

Stepvone Harper

Not clean staff look over work and just $$%$%#$%

Ratan Mondol

I Love French Fries so Crispy and Delicious

Micha Allen

Burger was freshly done and great Customer Service.


Good food & great service.


Wanted to try checkers out and this location is very good. The food tasted fresh, their deserts like the funnel sticks, the apple pie, and the milkshake are really good, and obviously their fries are one of the best i buy them at the supermarket. And they work pretty fast at this location. Not only that, but they listen to your order and give you what you ask. If you're on the fence about checkers and need a location to try one, please try this checkers.


I remember going here all the time in 2014-2015 because their was no other fast food burger places. But the food was really good.

Prophet GU3

Had a little wait but the food was hot and fresh

Vishal Tiwary

They ripped me off today. Ordered bacon on my 4 sandwiches and none of them had it and they charged me. Skip this place people.

Best Gestly

Fast service and food taste good.

Philip Sciame

Good service by my drive thru contact.

Rana Xaman

This store has very good service!!! Workers are very friendly there! They always make sure the food is good!


Imagine ordering 2 chicken sandwiches, after finishing one chicken sandwich you bite into the next sandwhich THAT HAPPENS TO BE FISH. Are you kidding me? how do you yall mess up orders so simple as chicken? super annoyed and disappointed in this checkers spot . THUMBS DOWN.


Checkers has the best fries for me. Their ten piece wings was soft, tasty & flavorful.

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