Don Nicos

90-08 161 St, Jamaica
(718) 297-6426

Recent Reviews

Mildre Falu

Food absolutely amazing! Service outstanding!

Gabby's Life!!

Loved the place! The food was good but could've used a bit more seasoning.

Tracey Remarais

Good tacos. Friendly staff. Hidden gem.

Alex 37X

I didn’t want to post this because I really enjoy this place but I had to. I’ve been eating at Don Nicos since they opened in Jamaica, Queens. The food and service is always great and I’ve introduced others to this place. However, I recently ordered a desert from them and the next day I went to eat it and there was mold growing on it. I had the desert refrigerated so there’s really no excuse, other than the cake was old to begin with or perhaps they did not store it properly before selling it. Either way, I’m disappointed because now I’m leery about ordering from here again. I gave Don Nicos 4 stars tho because I’ve always had a 5 star experience here until now and I don’t want to completely trash the place because of this.

Mona Miller

Most incredible Mexican place in Jamaica. The portobello is incredible and the guac is to die for.

Sasha Alailefaleula

Don Nicos is hands down the BEST Mexican food I EVER had! The staff was super friendly and very welcoming. The food was for sure authentic. The 4 cheese Mac and cheese had my mouth watering. Worth every red cent!!!!!! Even the French fries were the BOMB. I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO EVERYONE. GO GO GO!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Budur N.

Let me tell you, Don Nico's was really incredible. It's a fun ambience to be in, and the menu and service is pretty great. OMG, their Mango Salad was absolutely delicious, such a superb dish with amazing flavors. Everybody was really friendly. Don Nico's is very satisfying.


Great menu, friendly staff. Love their Mango salad!

Jessica S

Fantastic service and awesome food. We had beef and chicken empanadas that were delicious. The steak tacos were heavy on the meat and guacamole, which made me very happy. The guac was to die for! The tortillas were incredible and fresh. Also enjoyed an al pastor burrito. The ladies were so nice.

Shan Hughes

The service is always good, and they are always nice and receptive to the customers' need. The food is always very delicious.

Elizabeth V.

The food is amazing. Fresh and tasty. I don't know why I haven't been going here every day. And it is such a nice space too. They really did an amazing job making it welcoming and festive. Can't recommend highly enough.

Maria Guzman

Loved their cheese flautas with rice and beans.

Lemarie P.

So I'm not sure why I haven't rated this place already!! The owner of this restaurant is amazing!! The ambiance is to die for and the fooooooood is 100%.
I live and worked in the neighborhood so I would order food regularly. I even rented out the spot one night and had a karaoke party with friends for a group we call Eat Play Pray. I will certainly continue to dine here and support local businesses!

Ras Ken

Shrimp Wrap Brooklyn Style So tasty

Pedro Pena

Expensive: 2 chicken tortas about 30 dollars. ??? And they were not the most tasteful, I would not recommend. There are places with better chicken tortas and cheaper. However, I have not taste anything else from their menu

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