Rib Shack

157-6 Linden Blvd, Queens
(718) 659-7000

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Nedja Wilcox

Happily satisfied! I had the bbq ribs, potato salad, and Mac n cheese. All of it was very good.

Bruja Luxury

Was not crazy about the candied yams. While they were seasoned well, they look like they came out the can. Was expecting Boston Market candied yams. Was expecting them smaller and softer. They really need to work on this. They need to learn from Boston Market how to cook candied yams. This is extremely disappointing. The Mac and cheese is good though and so are the turkey wings but these candied yams from the can are an EPIC fail. Do better!!!!!

Sharon Figueroa

If I could give 0 stars I would. The smothered chicken was by far the worst I’ve ever experienced anywhere. The gravy was watery and sour as if someone spilled vinegar and just served it as is , or put piping hot gravy in the fridge and reheated it to serve. The sides were obviously canned (collard greens , mashed potatoes , candied yams) and the bbq ribs I haven’t even felt encouraged to open it yet. Overall lazy and disgusting

Fiora Haynes-Mack

If it wasn't hot outside and I had the time my food is more tasty any day of the week.

Danessa Brown

I have been going to this place for years. It has fell off for real. Mac & cheese is macaroni with bloods od cheese. Shorts not trimmed or cooked enough. No seasoning on the collard greens. I use to love this place. Won't return!

Yvonne Jones

I used to love this place back in the day, but today I am very disappointed in the lack of effort and love they put in their food now.Last week I ordered a rib dinner and was shocked and offended at what I received. The "Barbecue Sauce" had a pink/redish color to it that, tasted nothing like barbecue sauce!?The Collard Greens was very bland, tough, and watered down, and the yams tasted like canned yams. Bottom line.. They need to hire experienced cooks who know how to cook REAL Southern Soul Food..

Verlene Jinks

Food always delicious and moist. I love the variety. If you are hungry that's the place to go for takeout.

Bridget Lopez

This is more like chicken shack food that a BBQ place. Potatoes taste instant, macaroni salad was yellow and bbq sauce was not tasty. Sad bc I just waited an hour for this ?

Yveline Legagneur

On Sunday, we called ahead of time to inquire about the ribs availability. We were informed that there was a variety of ribs & to stop in. We were happy.Unfortunately, when we got there, one slab of ribs was sitting in a hot pan and the server boldly told us that in order to get the other types of ribs he would have to finish off that one slab. Unbelievable!We were hungry and not only bought the slab, but also sides of Mac & Cheese, greens & cabbage. The ribs were fatty, but palatable - we wanted a dry rub. The greens were reminiscent of canned greens and the Mac & cheese was tasteless. !We giving it "2" stars for the quantity of cabbage spooned in the container. It was good.


I would've rated this place lower if it was possible. The food is absolutely NOT authentic southern food! Everything mostly comes from cans. MASH POTATOES is definitely boxed and GRAVY let's just say atrocious. Their food is loaded with salt. Do Not order the string beans with fried chicken because it will send you to the hospital. Side orders are overly cooked. Mac and Cheese is just hard Marconi with no cheese, tasteless and colorless. String beans are overly cooked and very mushy, here's the bonus....you will always find something in your food that you didn't order.

Cindy Flores

Very disappointed! everything was bland, no taste whatsoever. Mac and cheese had a hard block of cheese on the top. I was better off making kraft Mac cheese from the box. Everything had a stale taste. Definitely not fresh AT ALL! The banana pudding ? . They need a new chef.

Pennsage Wisen

To keep it short and to the point this time around. The food is great, the lines are generally long at times. The service is good. The food prices is between 12- 23 depending on what you want. The oxtail is amazing, also they don't skimp out on food.

Ms Moe

The meats are stillVery good. The offer a nice re-election but for years they have been slacking on the sides-no seasoning! Even the peach cobbler lacks a little something. I guess it’s that love our mommas used to stir in the food. Also yet servers are sooooo sloooowww! Call ahead!!! I only go when I’m too lazy to cook for myself. Good portions. Good prices.

Damian A.

I was driving by this place and decided to check them out, their name is rib shack for a reason ribs are good not amazing also got fried chicken from them should have stuck to ribs, they are also very generous with the portion sizes which made up for the sub par fry chicken if you decide to go here stick to the ribs.

Erika B

I love to support the neighbourhood restaurants. I have been going to this place for years. I don't know if they change management but the food is absolutely horrible now. The Mac and cheese is a hard block of cheese on top none in the mac and cheese. The collard green and potato salad taste like sweet Kool Aid. Horrible mess and a waste of money. What the hell happened to this place.

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