Romeo Pizzeria

134-24 Cross Bay Blvd, Jamaica
(718) 845-3300

Recent Reviews

Richard Santiago

Counter person was very welcoming and took my order right of way. 2 sandwiches and chicken fingers. Was told 10 minute wait. 10 minutes later counter person brings out food to me. Excellent service and great food.

Chad Michelini

Amazing PizzaOrdered for my son’s birthday and everyone was like wow this is great pizzaThanks again

Ryan Gimenez

In a neighborhood that is not scarce of Itallian Restaurants Romeo's ranks supreme. Thanks for always being so good guys!

Clarissa Abdul

Their egg plant roll was EXTREMELY oily and dripping down my arm. And the pizza was distasteful NEVER again. The romeos on liberty ave is certainly better.

Stephanie M.

Omg! Romeo's pizza is so good. My mom has me order it every time she comes out. Their garlic knots are so yummy. Delivery time on the other hand does take a while.

Angel Santana

Great food just a lil high on the prices

mika meeks

I never knew I was a pizza person until I stopped at Romeo pizzeria,it's one of the best pizza I ever had. I would recommend this place to anyone and I absolutely can't wait for my next slice.

T Fitz

A great fabulous REAL NYC style pizzeria just north of the belt parkway/Conduit.Go here if you re in the area orwaiting/dropping off at JFK.DO NOT GO TO the JFK travel center

Jennie Ramos

Amazing pizza, but it's Cash Only!

Coco Sanfran

The food was delicious and the customer service made me feel like I can trust their food...Great Place to eat

Christopher J. Caraballo

Great traditional local NY pizzeria experience, very clean, fresh food, affordable, not too busy.

Louis Sanmartini

We order from this place once a week food is phenomenal

Christopher Caraballo

Great traditional local NY pizzeria experience, very clean, fresh food, affordable, not too busy.


Great pizza and pasta dishes. Amazing sandwiches and other traditionally Italian fare. Their specialty pies are where they really shine. Great Italian food that stands out in a neighborhood where great Italian food places and pizzerias, in particular are in abundance. Jist remember to bring cash, because that is all that accepted here.

Veronica Fuster

I go to this pizzeria all the time, today chocked on a big piece of onion skin went back to tell him, they weren't concerned. They offered a new slice with a sarcastic respond so you want to check for the skin. Ummm is under the sauce how would I know if it had it also.

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