Smoke BBQ Pit

129-21 Merrick Blvd, Jamaica
(718) 341-6100

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Justine Miller

My mother bought food from this place and the food had a band aid with blood in it .When we called to report it we were never accommodated for the inconvenience we are disgusted honestly do not eat here

Robyn Turner

The food is delicious. I didn't call but the wait is worth it. Got Feast II..enough for 2 or 3 at a very reasonable price. I will definitely go back.

Vyse 2021

Definitely not the place I remember years ago. Ordered the half slab beef ribs to go with sweet potato fries..... The ribs had no taste whatsoever, chewy and dried out, and apparently a half slab consists of 2 ribs ?. The sweet potato fries were slightly burnt and soggy. The corn bread was decent but didn't justify $30 for the meal. I tried but never again.

Jasmin Celini

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE. I spent $60 on Door Dash from this place TWICE. The first time they only sent me 2 out of 7 items I ordered. The pulled pork was dry and cold. It was disgusting.Today I ordered again giving them a chance to redeem themselves. AGAIN the pulled pork was dry and cold, the brisket is not real brisket. The corn is nasty, the Mac is flavorless along with the “ fake “ Cajun rice. They did not send me several items I ordered. The sweet potato pie does NOT come with icecream as stated. The only good item from this place is the cornbread and that’s debatable.I tried giving them a second chance and they ruined it. I will not be purchasing from here and I’ll be sure to tell others not too. I highly do not recommend.

Bernie Alvarez

Not going to lie I had doubts about this spot but my fiancée suggested it so we went anyway and I was actually satisfied so it’s def worth the review so here to we go!The drinks hit heavy, Glad we took an Uber there that’s for sure.The food was on point, the pork ribs may not be falling off the bone but that type of cook takes a lot of time and effort so very understandable. The beef ribs on the other hand did break apart so easily and were juicy. The Bake Mac was delicious just as much as all the other sides. We even ordered an additional plate of pulled pork and even that was slamming.I would suggest adding hand wipes for sticky fingers.


I use to come here for lunch years ago and the food and service was pretty good. Now, I’m not sure if the Covid-19 pandemic is to blame but the service and food was horrible. I walked in and the Host stared at me and said nothing. I had to ask to be seated. When I sat I realized how stressed the Host was. He was acting as the host, waiter, bartender and food runner for take out orders. When I got my food, it was cold. I ordered Buffalo wings with Buffalo sauce and I received them dry. I had to ask for the food to be warmed up and the wings with sauce. I had wait 15 minutes to get the food back. I also ordered a Long Island ice tea and I got pure alcohol. No chaser! I worked as a bartender and I could tell no soda was added. I had to ask for soda to dilute it. I don’t know what’s going on but I will not be returning

Monique J.

This place is a hidden gem in terms of food... Ordered Catfish with yams, Mac and cheese with potato salad!! Sooo good!! Oh and order the rum punch... GOTTA LOVE A LIL HOOD GEM

Elfreda B.

Smoke BBQ Pit you are totally awesome, I had a lovely experience here yesterday. Menu, location, staff and ambiance are all the reasons why I enjoy this place. After browsing through the reviews I have ordered Rib Tips and it was just terrific. The service was marvelous. They were quick, reliable, and got everything right. I really love Smoke BBQ Pit.

Keri Brown

First time going yesterday. The food was absolutely delicious! There’s a good wait for your food but it’s absolutely worth it. I had the BBQ pulled chicken, collard greens, and garlic mashed potatoes. Will be returning!

Lovely Lovely Apple

This is my spot. I love their food and the atmosphere. One day I went to eat there and it was packed. I wish I could make reservations. Long island ice teas are on point. Friendly service

Elda Ramirez

The food was ok. Ribs should ALWAYS be falling off the bone and sadly, theirs were not. The mac n cheese needs a COMPLETE do over but the collards and potato salad were delicious. The ribs were tasty but nothing to write home about and the service lacks in abundance. One of the managers did let us know that they are currently hiring so they seem to be short staffed. Great decor, very woodsy and goes with the food but I feel they need a chef that specializes in these types of southern cuisines to make the foods more flavorful. The cornbread was just cake with no flavor. I never had cornbread like that, it was a shock to my system.

Matt G.

The service sucked, the food was not that good either. There was a table of 8 that came in 15 minutes after us and got their food within mins of ordering when we were waiting for 20 mins just to order. They placed my coleslaw under the heat lamps to sit. The server never asked us how our food was or if I wanted a refill on my drink. All the employees just walk right on by you and not ask how everything was. Very unimpressive place.

msundetermined G

The Name is the same. The ownership is sad and the chef was replaced with a cook. Mac and cheese want even eaten by the greedy children I tried to pass it off on. The chicken was dry and the sauce was generic. The cornbread was decent when warned.

king kim

Always great at the BBQ Pit also during c19 the safty was#1

Scat Dog

One of the best barbecue places I've been to in a long time I recommend the ribs and the catfish is amazing they also serve mixed drinks for any occasion

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